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3 Ways You Didn’t Know Fatherhood Can Affect A Man’s Body And Health

Fatherhood: it’s a unique experience that – for many men – can be totally life-changing. It also happens to be an experience that can change a man’s biology – his body and health. Fatherhood is, in other words, not just an emotional, psychological journey: it’s something much more than that.

So, in celebration of dads – and all they do for us – let’s take a look at 3 ways fatherhood can affect a man’s body and health.

(1) Drop in testosterone

Many men experience a decline in testosterone levels when they transition into fatherhood. Scientists think this is because lower T levels promote caregiving behaviors in men, possibly making them more nurturing dads.

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(2) Less physical activity

Regular physical activity is important because it contributes to a healthy body and mind. However, it’s not uncommon for men to experience less physical activity when they become fathers. This is often due to new, family-related responsibilities that can make it difficult for a dad to commit to regular physical activity.

What’s more, fathers with young children tend to experience a larger decrease in physical activity levels compared to mothers. Because of this, fathers are also at a greater risk of obesity than moms are.

(So if you’re a dad, try to make sure you still hit the gym, take walks, participate in sports, or do any other form of physical activity you enjoy.)

(3) Increased stress

First-time dads often experience a good deal of stress. (If you’ve recently become a dad yourself, you probably know exactly what that stress is like.) New dads often have a full-time job to balance along with their responsibilities around their newborn child. This can mean that there’s simply no time to relax.

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The good news here is that – at the end of the day – fatherhood is an often deeply-rewarding experience, despite the sleepless nights, stress, and the “non-stop-ness of it” all (as one new dad put it).


  • Fatherhood can contribute to changes in a man’s body and health.
  • Testosterone levels can decrease – as well as activity levels. Stress often increases for first-time fathers.

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