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Got It From My Mama: 4 Biological Traits You Might Have Gotten From Mom

Mother’s Day brings to mind the many ways your life has been shaped by your mom – and all of the bonds you share. Your biology is an important bond between you and your mom – something that links you to her across the years. This link can be found in things like your body’s hormonal balance, in your heart’s health, and much more.

With this in mind, here are just a few biological traits you might have “gotten from your mama.”

1. Your Cholesterol Levels

Did you know that if you were breastfed during infancy (instead of formula-fed), you may be more likely to have lower LDL cholesterol levels in adulthood? (LDL cholesterol is often called the “bad” cholesterol because high LDL levels can harm your heart’s health.)

So if you’ve got low LDL cholesterol today, as an adult, it might be the perfect time to thank your mama!

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2. Your Blood Sugar Levels

Your genetics can affect your blood sugar levels. Because of this, if your mom has diabetes, your HbA1c levels are more likely to be elevated – even if you don’t have diabetes yourself. (HbA1c is a way to measure long-term changes in blood sugar levels.)

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3. Your Testosterone Levels

In women and men alike, testosterone boosts energy levels and helps the body make muscles, burn fat, and more. But if testosterone levels get out of range (either too high or too low), you might experience symptoms like loss of muscle mass, a lower sex drive, and weight gain.

It turns out that your mama’s T levels can have something to do with your own testosterone levels (at least in women): you can inherit testosterone levels from your mom.

So, fun idea for Mother’s Day: gift her an at-home Metabolism Test – which tests testosterone levels as well as cortisol and thyroid-stimulating hormone – and take one yourself. Then see how close your T levels are to hers!

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4. Age of Menopause

The age at which you enter menopause is connected to the age at which your mom transitioned into menopause. For example, research shows that a woman is roughly 6 times more likely to experience premature or early menopause if her mom entered menopause at an early age!

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Mother’s Day is coming up, so give your mom the gift of health with one of EverlyWell’s at-home lab tests (don’t forget to use code BESTHEALTH to get 15% off!). After all, the best mom in the world deserves her best health.

Also, consider taking a test with your mom (if you’ll be paying her a visit for Mother’s Day) – and maybe you’ll discover more about the shared biological links between you and your mom!