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A deeper connection: 3 biological traits influenced by Mom

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Mother's Day reminds us of the connection we share with our moms—but what we often don't think about is how deep that connection goes biologically. It's our biology that will forever link us to one another, found in things like our body's hormonal balance, heart health, and much more.

With that connection in mind, here are three biological traits you might have gotten from Mom.

1. Cholesterol levels

Did you know that if you were breastfed during infancy (instead of formula-fed), you may be more likely to have lower LDL cholesterol levels in adulthood? (LDL cholesterol is often called the “bad” cholesterol because high LDL levels can harm your heart’s health.)

So if you’ve got low LDL cholesterol today, as an adult, it might be the perfect time to thank Mom.

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2. Blood sugar levels

Your genetics can affect your blood sugar levels. Because of this, if your mom has diabetes, your HbA1c levels are more likely to be elevated—even if you don’t have diabetes yourself.

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3. Age of menopause

The age at which you enter menopause is connected to the age at which your mom transitioned into menopause. For example, research shows that a woman is roughly 6 times more likely to experience premature or early menopause if her mom entered menopause at an early age.

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Now more than ever, we’re finding new ways to stay connected with our moms. Show her how much her health means to you with a gift that helps her take charge of her health from home. After all, the best Mom in the world deserves her best health.

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