HbA1c Test
HbA1c Test

Monitor Your Blood Sugar Levels

The home collection hemoglobin A1C test is an easy way to evaluate how well you have been maintaining your blood sugar levels for the past 90 days and can help you determine if dietary changes may be needed.
Hemoglobin Sugar Levels
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At-home HbA1c Test
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How the Everlywell HbA1c Test Measures Your Blood Sugar Level

If you want to check or track your average blood glucose levels to better understand your body's glycemic control, at-home HbA1c testing can be an easy, effective way to get started.

Our hemoglobin A1c home test is a blood spot sample test that measures your average blood glucose level (blood sugar) over the past 3 months.

Red blood cells have a lifespan of about 3 months but are constantly renewing within the body. Glucose attaches itself to hemoglobin, which is a protein found in red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body. This HbA1c test provides a measure of average blood glucose levels to give you an overall look at your blood sugar level over a 3 month period. HbA1c values that fall outside the ideal range can mean a greater risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other health conditions.

Blood sugar levels tested as a single glucose level measurement, like with glucose tests for home monitoring, can vary significantly throughout the day based on many factors, including a recent meal or physical activity. For this reason, HbA1c testing gives a better representation of average blood sugar levels over time—and whether you are a diabetic patient or simply looking to have a better understanding of your average glucose levels, our hemoglobin A1c test kit makes it easy to get an HbA1c measurement. (Note that this test is not a replacement for regular blood glucose level monitoring.)

Symptoms of diabetes include:

  • Blurred vision
  • Feeling more thirsty than usual
  • Urinating more often than normal
  • Fatigue and hunger
  • Itchiness of the skin
  • Slow wound healing
  • Dryness within the mouth
  • Numbness or pain in the body's lower extremities
  • Unexplained or sudden weight loss
  • Nausea

Once you receive results for your HbA1c measurement, Everlywell can provide suggestions for lifestyle changes to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle. As always, we encourage you to share your results with your doctor, who can provide more specific guidance on lifestyle changes.

How often should I check my HbA1c level if I have diabetes or prediabetes?

If you have diabetes or prediabetes, tracking your A1c level may help you—and your healthcare provider—assess the effectiveness of your current treatment plan. Regular HbA1c testing can also help you see how choices you make—like diet—affect your blood sugar levels. However, an HbA1c test is not the same as the glucose result you get from a blood glucometer (or “glucose meter”). This kind of glucose test determines your at-the-moment blood glucose concentration, which often swings up and down throughout the day as you eat and exercise.

How often you should test your HbA1c depends on many factors, so talk with your healthcare provider about the testing frequency that’s right for you. If you’re interested in monitoring your levels on a regular basis, consider the Everlywell subscription option for the HbA1c test. You’ll automatically receive an HbA1c kit on a schedule you choose (available options are monthly, quarterly, and semi-annually).