Weight Care Program

The right medication for your goals

Whether Ozempic®, a compounded GLP-1 medication, or an alternative weight loss Rx, your clinician can help find the right Rx for sustainable weight loss if medication is right for your journey.

  • Weight loss medication (if you qualify)
  • Virtual 1:1s with your clinicians
  • Monitor weight-related co-conditions
  • Quarterly at-home lab tests* or supplements

$49 to start

Weight Care Program
Compounded GLP-1s*
1:1 with your clinician
Branded GLP-1s*
Compounded GLP-1s*
1:1 with your clinician
Branded GLP-1s*

The compounding process, explained

What is compounded semaglutide?

How does compounding work?

Compounding is the small-scale process of customizing medications to meet the specific need of individual patients - a liquid version of a pill, for example.

Due to GLP-1 medication shortages, the FDA considers them “not commercially available.” In the case of semaglutide, this allows state-licensed compounding pharmacies to offer nearly identical versions of FDA-approved drugs while they’re on the FDA shortage list.

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Weight Care+

Benefits you'll love, at a price that makes sense

3 months

Get comfortable with your clinician and the tools you’ll need for healthy, sustained weight loss. After three months, we'll switch you to a month-to-month plan at $139 per month.



/first month,  $139/mo after (billed monthly)

Access to GLP-1 prescriptions for qualified candidates

Regular 1:1 virtual visits with a licensed clinician

Included quarterly at-home lab tests* or supplements

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We're commited to quality and so are our partners

Our difference is in the details

Our goal is to help you achieve yours. But your health and wellness is our first priority—that’s why we’ve extensively vetted the compounding pharmacy we work with to help ensure that any medications your clinician might prescribe are safe, effective, and of the highest quality.

Weight Care+

What's included with membership?

It's a new day for weight care

Our comprehensive Weight Care+ program pairs GLP-1 prescriptions with regular clinician care, lab testing, and support for certain weight-related related conditions. (Age 18+)

Quarterly at-home lab tests* or supplements to track biomarkers and progress over time

Access to branded or compounded versions of GLP-1 medications or an alternative Rx for qualified candidates

Access to the Everlywell iOS App to monitor your progress and manage your membership

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Support for weight-related health conditions

1:1 virtual chats with your clinician


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