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Fertility Quiz: could a fertility test be right for you?

Are you trying to get pregnant? Yes, paying attention to your fertile days is important, but there are several other factors that can play into a woman’s fertility health. Every woman’s fertility journey is unique, but one factor that can impact reproductive health for many is a lack of hormonal balance. A woman's hormonal imbalance may have significant effects on the menstrual cycle, ovulation, and pregnancy. Other factors that may impact your fertility include:

  • Age
  • Timing of sexual intercourse
  • Lifestyle factors (such as those related to alcohol consumption and/or tobacco use)
  • Existing medical conditions

Checking your hormone levels can help give you a better understanding of why you may be experiencing fertility problems and improve your knowledge on your fertility journey.

As you gain more fertility awareness and understand your hormonal balance, you may learn important information about both your overall health and reproductive health that can help you seek out a fertility treatment option that is best for your pregnancy journey.

Take this fertility quiz online to learn whether you may benefit from taking a fertility test.

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