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Unhealthy Testosterone Levels In Women: Some Causes And Symptoms

Low testosterone levels in women can have significant repercussions on health. If you have low testosterone, your hair may begin to thin and your skin become drier. And there’s more: your sex drive may be dampened – one reason why some women with low testosterone choose to undergo testosterone therapy. You might lose muscle tone, too – which means that low testosterone levels aren’t exactly compatible with #summerbeachbodygoals.

An increase in body fat, as well as mood changes (including greater anxiety), can also stem from lower-than-healthy testosterone levels. Sexual dysfunction, bone loss, and overall loss of strength are some of the more harrowing consequences of untreated low testosterone levels.

What’s behind low testosterone levels in women? The onset of menopause can trigger lowered testosterone levels – and so can various methods of birth control, such as oral contraceptive pills and contraceptive patches. Ovarian failure – where your ovaries stop functioning correctly – can also incite low testosterone levels. Possible causes of ovarian failure include chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and eating disorders, but the most common cause of ovarian failure is menopause – which happens to every woman as she ages.


Ever come across the acronym “PCOS”? It stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, and it’s a hormonal disorder that can fill your blood with too much testosterone. Steroid use and abuse – as well as some adrenal disorders – can also hike up your testosterone levels. And if you have too much testosterone, you may suffer from excess acne, abnormal hair growth throughout your body (such as on your chest), and male pattern baldness.

Menstrual irregularities are another sign of high testosterone. And if you put on pounds super easily, you might want to get your testosterone levels checked: high testosterone contributes to weight gain. Another good reason to check your testosterone levels? If you go too long with high testosterone, you are at an increased risk of diabetes, obesity, and infertility.


If your testosterone levels fall outside a healthy, normal range, then your health and well-being are at risk. That’s why it’s a good idea to check your testosterone levels (EverlyWell’s Testosterone Test makes this easy to do) – giving you accurate information on your metabolic health, which you can discuss with your healthcare provider.