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A better way to track your health over time

Updated December 8, 2023.

With the evolution of digital health tracking, lab results should be easy and accessible. Unfortunately, you may find your health data homed in multiple locations, making it difficult to manage or get a holistic view of your health over time.

Rather than finding yourself in various patient portals or digging through your filing cabinet, what if your health insights all lived in one place? Even better, what if you had clear, secure digital results that you could track from the palm of your hand?

Introducing—Everlywell's Results Over Time tracker.

A useful, easy-to-read digital feature that tracks how specific biomarkers trend over time. All homed in one place, the way it should be.

Our results platform encourages you to be proactive about your health rather than reactive. For instance, let’s say you’ve been on a healthier diet and have started to take brisk walks after work to manage your cholesterol, and you’d like to see if the lifestyle change is reducing your levels. Perhaps you’d like to keep a frequent eye on vitamin D as it plays an important role in immune function.

The tracker will provide you a clear picture of your progression.

Results Over Time example

People are already feeling empowered to take ownership of their health by monitoring their results; read how below:

"Being able to monitor your own health with at home testing is a great way to stay healthy. Being able to check my cholesterol, thyroid levels, & hormone levels has helped me. I will be able to show my doctor all the test results at my next yearly routine check-up. Now instead of one time a year, I can monitor every 3 months. Because of the cost of healthcare now, I can use the affordable home testing."

No matter which test you select with Everlywell, you’ll always have digital results you can understand. And the more proactive you are with your testing, the more health insights you can track over time—wherever you are.

Track the following tests over time:

Everlywell+ Wellness Membership

To make your wellness tracking even easier, Everlywell is now offering a monthly lab-testing membership for only $39/month. With Everlywell+, you earn one credit every month to count toward your choice of any Everlywell at-home lab test. Whether you’re keeping up with your hormone levels, heart health, vitamin D levels, or another metric, Everlywell+ and the Results Over Time tracker make tracking your health easier than ever.

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Originally published July 2, 2020
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