Folic Acid Test
Folic Acid Test

Test Your Vitamin B9 Level, Which Supports Cellular Health

This at-home test is an easy way to evaluate the level of vitamin B9 in your body, identify deficiencies and help you determine if dietary changes may be needed to help address conditions like fatigue, blood disorders, or potential pregnancy complications.
Folate (Vitamin B9/Folic Acid)
Collection Method
Finger Prick Blood
Folic Acid Test
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Alcohol pad for cleaning your finger
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Your results will contain your levels of each marker tested, providing you insight into how they compare to the appropriate standards. Easily download your results so you can share directly with your physician.
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EverlyWell provides tailored insight empowering you to take action based on your results. If you're using EverlyWell tests to manage a chronic condition, track your levels over time within your dashboard.
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What is folic acid, and why is it important?

The form of vitamin B9 found naturally in foods is folate, but you may be more familiar with hearing it called folic acid. Folic Acid is the synthetic form of B9 found in vitamins and supplements and used to fortify foods that don’t naturally have B9. Vitamin B9 is crucial for cellular health because it is needed to make DNA. This at-home test will let you know your B9 levels and if they are where they need to be for optimal health.

Why is it important to know your folic acid levels?

There are several possible reasons why you may want to learn more about your vitamin B9 levels.

If you:

  • Are suffering from conditions like fatigue, lethargy, or weakness
  • Are planning for pregnancy
  • Have a gut malabsorption disorder (like Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, and celiac disease)
  • Don't eat very many green, leafy vegetables or fresh fruits

Assessing your vitamin B9 levels can give you answers to important questions about your body's wellness.

Discover what your vitamin B9 level is like

Your results will show you if your vitamin B9 (folate/folic acid) level is within a normal range. Vitamin B9 is important for making DNA, repairing DNA, normal red blood cell development, and fetal development -- so having healthy levels of this vitamin is crucial throughout life.

You will get your vitamin B9 (folate/folic acid) level and guidance on how to improve or maintain healthy levels of this vital vitamin for your overall wellness.