Give the Gift of Better Care This Year: Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you’re holidaying big or barely holidaying at all this year—health and happiness is tangible for the ones you love.

Show them how much they matter to you by gifting them the first step in their journey to taking better care of their health. Everlywell at-home lab tests allow you to check on your health anytime and anywhere, with fast and easy-to-read digital results in days. They’re a unique gift to remind those you love of how important their well-being is this holiday season and beyond. This year, don’t just send gifts—send care.

We’ve rounded up the perfect holiday gift guide to help you check off everyone on your list this holiday season.

For the foodie

Holiday FS

Does the foodie in your life believe they may be experiencing unexpected symptoms after enjoying their favorite meals? Or perhaps they’re looking to try a temporary elimination diet, but don’t know where to start? Help them learn which foods may cause a higher immune response before the holiday feasting begins.

Our at-home Food Sensitivity Test could help them identify what may be causing them discomfort after meals by measuring their body’s IgG antibody reactivity to 96 common foods. Our Food Sensitivity Comprehensive Test measures an even broader set of 204 foods—it’s perfect for the more adventurous eater! Their personalized results are sent directly to their device within days of them mailing in their sample. This could help them prioritize potential food culprits when planning a temporary elimination diet to alleviate symptoms.

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For the one who complains about allergies

Holiday IOA

We all have that one friend who can never stop sneezing. If their favorite phrase is “Allergies are the worst,” give them a gift to explore their suspicions, like our Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test. This test measures their body’s immune response to 40 common allergens like pets, trees, grasses, dust mites, and more, and could help them learn what may be causing their itchy throat, watery eyes, and sneezing. This gift is perfect to help them feel great for the upcoming holidays and get ahead of the next allergy season!

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For the health and fitness enthusiast

Holiday metabolism

While we can’t help you check off the Peloton bike on their wishlist, here’s a unique gift idea to help them better understand the ties between fitness and health: our at-home Metabolism Test. Did you know energy levels, weight, and body composition are all influenced by your metabolism and energy intake? When key hormones that regulate metabolism are not within normal ranges, these changes may contribute to weight gain and low energy. The Metabolism Test will tell whether your personal levels of TSH, Cortisol, Testosterone are low, normal, or high. This gift may help them gain a better understanding of potential hormonal influences behind their fluctuating weight and energy levels.

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For the one who hasn’t felt like themself lately

Holiday thyroid

If someone in your life has been feeling off for the past few months, they may be experiencing a hormone imbalance tied to thyroid issues. Excessive fatigue, difficulty sleeping, hair thinning or loss, and heat or cold sensitivity are all symptoms that could all be linked to thyroid dysfunction. Our comprehensive Thyroid Test measures the levels of three main thyroid-specific hormones: TSH, T3, and T4 and thyroid antibodies. Their test results could be the first step in helping them understand the hormonal influences behind some of the abnormalities their body may be experiencing.

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For the one with a heart of gold

Holiday heart health

If you’re looking for a way to send the heart emoji in the form of a gift this year, show your loved ones just how much you care with our Heart Health Test. Whether you have a family history of heart disease or you’ve begged them to check in on their heart, show them how they could get ahead of some of the potential risks of heart disease. This test measures Total Cholesterol, HDL, Calculated LDL, Triglycerides, hs-CRP, and HbA1c—which are important markers related to cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure (hypertension), type II diabetes, and more. Show them you care for one of the most important organs in their body by encouraging them to check on their risk factors early—which is a great start for preventing heart disease.

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For the special woman in your life

Holiday Women's Health

For the woman in your life who likes to be one step ahead of everything, give her a gift that will help jumpstart her proactive health journey this holiday season. Our most comprehensive Women’s Health Test measures the key hormones known to be instrumental in women’s health. Hormone imbalances in women can cause a variety of symptoms, including fatigue and migraines. Remind that special someone that regular health screenings can help them to better understand their overall health and the ways their body changes with every stage of life.

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For the guy who is impossible to shop for

Holiday men's health

Is there a man in your life who seems to have absolutely everything? Skip the usual golf balls, BBQ sets, and ties, and instead surprise him with a unique gift he may not even know he needed: our Men’s Health Test. This test measures four key hormones, including Cortisol, DHEA-S, Estradiol, and Free Testosterone, which are necessary for healthy functioning of the male body. Give him the extra nudge he needs to sort out what may be affecting his mood, weight balance, and energy levels with our most comprehensive Men’s Health Test.

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Regardless of where or with whom you’re celebrating this year, don’t just send your loved ones any gift, send them care. Get them one step closer to better health with a quick and easy swab—or help them find their starting point to wellness with the prick of a finger. Make it that much more of a happy holiday from wherever with a gift from Everlywell.

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