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Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Gifts For Everyone on Your List

Give the joy of well-being and so much more with Everlywell products for all the special people on your gift list. Check out our 2022 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and find the perfect gift they’ll love. Free shipping on all purchases.

Gifts Everyone Will Love

Person receiving Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test as holiday gift

Food Sensitivity Test - Measures IgG reactivity to 96 foods to help them take a first step to better understanding their uncomfortable symptoms in time for holiday feasts.

Food Allergy Test - Checks IgE reactivity to 9 common food allergens so they can discover what foods may be provoking an allergic reaction.

Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test - Measures reactivity to 40 common indoor and outdoor allergens to help them better prepare for the allergy seasons ahead.

Vitamin D & Inflammation Test - Measures hs-CRP and vitamin D levels, which can affect your bone formation, immune function, and more.

Gift Ideas For Her

Woman smiling while holding Everlywell Women-s Health Test

Women’s Health Test - Measures 11 biomarkers to provide insight into whether key hormones are balanced, which may cause symptoms that affect how she feels every day.

Thyroid Test - Measures three main thyroid hormones and thyroid peroxidase antibodies that impact many functions in her body that can affect her mood, weight, energy, and more.

Women’s Fertility Test - Measures hormones that support normal ovarian function needed for pregnancy, which can be a helpful first step in understanding a woman's reproductive and general health.

Celiac Disease Screening Test - Checks for antibodies that may indicate celiac disease, including total IgA, tTG-IgA, and DGP-IgG.

Gift Ideas For Him

Man smiling while holding Everlywell Mens Health Test holiday gift

Men’s Health Test - Measures four hormones that can affect his mood, energy levels, and muscle mass. Together, they can offer greater insight into his overall health.

Testosterone Test - Measures his testosterone level to see if it’s normal, low, or high. Levels outside of a normal range may contribute to a range of symptoms that should be discussed with a healthcare provider.

Gift Ideas For Personal Wellness

Smiling man holding Everlywell Sleep & Stress Test Black Friday gift

STD Tests - Care for your sexual health with multiple options from Everlywell for STD testing from the convenience and privacy of home.

FIT Colon Cancer Screening Test - If you are 45 or older, annual FIT testing is recommended. This test, which screens for the presence of blood in stool, can help detect colon cancer in earlier stages when it is more easily treated.

Sleep & Stress Test - Measures hormones that may be affecting your ability to get a restful night's sleep.

Metabolism Test - Measures hormones that can impact your weight and energy, so you can work with your healthcare provider to feel good from the inside out.

What our customers are saying:

“I first gifted this to my Mom who was having some food reactions and we were so pleased with the results that helped guide some lifestyle changes that have since solved all of her digestive issues. Since then this is my primary gift giving idea because the results are so specific and easy to understand. I learned of my allergy to wheat which has been so hard to pinpoint!” Yogi Rachel, Food Sensitivity Test

“After a year of worry and deprivation of certain foods/beverages and the fear of having to 'go on meds' (I'm physically fit and athletic- it's the family 'plaque' legacy that was handed down to me), I sent my results to my physician and asked if she would consider these for my upcoming visit. Doc said yes! I was so excited that I blasted the music and happily danced around my house with a glass of wine and a bowl of cheesy/caramel popcorn!!! It was good day!! Thank you! Thank you, Everly for bringing peace of mind! I went back and have purchased additional kits I will be giving as gifts.” Reviewer from Wisconsin, Cholesterol & Lipids Test

“I had questions regarding if I collected my samples correctly. Customer service was really fast and efficient. They offered to send me a new test for free if my samples were collected wrong. Results were super fast and informative. I will definitely be using them in the future.” Lil, Women’s Health Test

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