Looking for Mother's Day gifts during quarantine? Here are the top 5 lab tests for Mom

Mother’s Day may feel different this year due to social distancing, so now more than ever is a time to show appreciation for the special moms in our lives. Whether you’re a few houses away or states apart—you can gift her with something that does as much for her as she does for you.

We’ve compiled a list of our top five at-home lab tests to help Mom take charge of her health from the comfort and safety of home. After all, she spent so many years prioritizing your health—it’s time to prioritize hers.

1. Food Sensitivity

Does Mom often complain about uncomfortable symptoms like headaches, stomach pain, fatigue, and think there may be a connection to something she’s eating? Maybe she’s tried a variety of elimination diets with no success. The Food Sensitivity Test will provide her with a personally tailored list of suspects to investigate based on her body’s immune response to the foods tested.

This test measures the body’s IgG antibody response to 96 common foods. Digital results rate each food on a Class scale of 0-3: Class 0 (normal reactivity) to Class 3 (high reactivity). These reactivities provide clear guidance for a temporary elimination diet, so she can begin to identify which of these suspected foods are problematic. Get the Food Sensitivity Test for Mom

2. Indoor & Outdoor Allergies

Is Mom constantly checking the allergy report on the local news? It’s peak season for suffering uncomfortable symptoms like an itchy throat, watery eyes, and sneezing. The Indoor & Outdoor Allergies Test will measure her body’s immunoglobulin E (IgE) reactivity to 40 common indoor and outdoor allergens. The information is a good step toward understanding which allergens may be causing her annoying allergy symptoms, so she can better prepare for the season. Get the Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test for Mom

3. Women’s Health

No matter what our age may be, checking in on our health should remain a priority. The Women’s Health Test is our most comprehensive hormone panel for women at all stages of life. It provides a complete look at hormones that are critical to Mom’s well-being. Hormones regulate many vital functions in the body by acting as “chemical messengers.” The test will let her see if different hormones are balanced in her body or if imbalances may be causing symptoms that are keeping her from feeling her best. And doesn’t Mom deserve to feel her best? Get the Women's Health Test for Mom

4. Sleep & Stress

It’s understandable if Mom is having trouble sleeping or managing stress right now, but there are risks associated with elevated stress and lack of sleep that we should be aware of. High stress and poor sleep are considered major obstacles to feeling well and may be risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, and many other diseases. The Sleep & Stress Test will evaluate fluctuations of three vital hormones needed for a restful night's sleep. By identifying abnormalities in these hormones, she can begin practicing healthy habits to reduce stress, improve sleep, and live a healthier life. Get the Sleep & Stress Test for Mom

5. Vitamin D

Self-quarantining likely means Mom is getting less sun than she did before the arrival of COVID-19. Vitamin D, commonly referred to as the “sunshine vitamin,” is widely known to be essential for strong bones as it helps the body use calcium. But if you are deficient, it could greatly influence your ability to maintain a healthy bone structure, reduce inflammation, and promote cell growth. The Vitamin D Test allows her to check if she has adequate levels of vitamin D to maintain strong bones, cellular health, and make necessary lifestyle changes. Get the Vitamin D Test for Mom

Of course, we also have our Heart Health Test and Thyroid Test if Mom wants to continue her routine testing from the comfort and safety of home during the quarantine. We’ve never been more focused on our health than we are right now. Let Mom know that keeping her healthy is your priority this Mother’s Day.

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