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Health and wellness gifts for a happy Mother's Day

EverlyWell’s 2019 Health And Wellness Gift Guide For Mother’s Day

This weekend, moms across the country will be getting some much deserved love – and hopefully alongside of that, plenty of gifts.

But maybe you’re still hunting for the right gift for Mom – whether it’s because you tend to be a last-minute shopper or you just haven’t come across the perfect gift yet.

Whatever the case might be, gifts of health and wellness are always a great idea, so we’ve put together our guide to some of the best gifts for Mother’s Day 2019:

Mother’s Day Health And Wellness Gift Guide

THE GIFT: Saje Essential Oils


WHAT IT IS: Saje’s delightful essential oils are made with only natural ingredients – like peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender. Plus, Saje offers things like aroma diffusers and body care kits (which comes with a hydrating rose mist, pumice foot scrubber, and more).

WHY MOM WILL LOVE IT: With their soothing aromas, these essential oil blends are a great way for Mom to take her senses on vacation, relax, and release stress.

PRICE: Various (go here for gifts under $100)

THE GIFT: At-Home Food Sensitivity Test Kit


WHAT IT IS: Food sensitivities can result in unpleasant symptoms – like bloating, headaches, skin issues, and stomach pain. EverlyWell’s at-home Food Sensitivity kit is an easy-to-use blood test that tells you what foods you might be sensitive to. The test results – which reveal how your immune system’s IgG antibodies respond to 96 different foods – can then be used to guide an elimination diet to help you quickly pinpoint the troublesome foods.

WHY MOM WILL LOVE IT: If Mom loves tasty dishes but sometimes experiences discomfort because of her body’s reaction to some foods, this test can be a great tool to help her understand what specific foods are behind her symptoms.

PRICE: $159 (get 20% off with code BESTHEALTH)

THE GIFT: Spring Essentials from Terrain

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WHAT IT IS: Terrain has all sorts of beautiful garden, home, and outdoor gifts – including potted flowers, tea, and all-natural bar soaps.

WHY MOM WILL LOVE IT: Any of these gifts is sure to make Mom feel pampered and special.

PRICE: Various (get 30% off with code SPRINGTABLE)

THE GIFT: Fitbit


WHAT IT IS: Fitbit is running a number of Mother’s Day promotions for several of their wearable activity and fitness tracking devices.

WHY MOM WILL LOVE IT: If your mom has fitness goals on her radar, a Fitbit can be a great way for her to track her progress, stay motivated, and learn more about her activity levels throughout the day.

PRICE: Various (save up to 30% on select accessories between now and May 11)

THE GIFT: At-Home Tests for Women’s Hormones

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WHAT IT IS: EverlyWell offers several at-home kits for hormone testing. Hormones play a big part in the body’s health and wellness, so checking your hormone balance can help uncover possible reasons why you’re experiencing a low mood, weight gain, sleep problems, and more.

Here’s a quick look at some of the women’s hormone tests you can order from EverlyWell:

Postmenopause Test - This test can help answer questions about key hormone levels after menopause.

Perimenopause Test - This test checks hormones that can indicate if menopause is approaching.

Women's Health Test - This is our most comprehensive hormone panel for women at all stages of life. It checks if 11 different hormones are balanced in the body.

WHY MOM WILL LOVE IT: Each of these tests can be taken from the comfort of home – and can help Mom discover more about her body’s health and wellness in a practical, easy-to-understand way.


Postmenopause Test - $129

Perimenopause Test - $129

Women's Health Test - $399

Use code BESTHEALTH to get 20% off any EverlyWell tests.

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