Father’s Day Gift Guide

Updated December 14, 2023.

With the big day fast approaching, you may be scouring the internet to find the perfect gift for the person who often seems impossible to shop for — Dad. Lucky for you and him, a gift of health and wellness could be the most meaningful thing he receives all year.

Whether Dad frequently puts off his health checks or you just want to help him get back on track after the pandemic, his healthier tomorrow can start today thanks to personalized results and accessible tools from more than 30+ at home lab tests or newly launched high-quality vitamins and supplements.

Read our top picks for Dad, Grandpa, or any other special father figure in your life this Father’s Day.

For the One Who Likes to See the Big Picture

Father’s-Day-Gift-Guide-2022 Men’s-Health

If he likes to zoom out and view the bigger picture before diving into the details, the Men’s Health Test is perfect for helping him check on his overall health and wellness. This thoughtful gift idea is designed to help men improve their wellness routine and maintain a healthy lifestyle. By understanding their health on a deeper level, they can reduce stress, promote mindfulness, and develop healthy habits that benefit them in the long run.

This test looks at four hormones that may affect mood, muscle mass, and energy levels: testosterone, estradiol, cortisol, and DHEA-S. When measured together, these hormones can offer greater insight into their overall health.

After collecting his sample at home, mailing it to the lab for testing, and receiving his digital results online, Everlywell can provide evidence-based suggestions for lifestyle changes that can positively impact his health and wellness.

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For the Dad Who Wants to Get Professional Guidance Regarding His Health

When it comes to health gifts for your dad, virtual care visits can help your dad address symptoms and gain knowledge about her health from home with professional guidance. If your dad wants to take charge of his health to embrace a healthier lifestyle, telemedicine visits can be a great starting point.

For the One Who Has Been Feeling “Off” Lately

Father’s-Day-Gift-Guide-2022 Testosterone

Did you know low testosterone levels can show up as a variety of symptoms, including mood and weight changes, poor concentration, and hair loss?

Our Testosterone Test (which isn’t just for men, by the way!) is a good first step in understanding why you may be experiencing high or low testosterone symptoms. Starting with a simple saliva collection, this at-home lab test can help the man in your life check to see if his levels are normal, low, or high and take a “physician-friendly” version of his results to his healthcare provider to talk about next steps, if necessary. With his results, he’ll also receive guidance for natural ways to positively impact testosterone levels and overall health.

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For the One Who’s Proactive With His Heart Health

Father’s-Day-Gift-Guide-2022 Heart-Health

Whether there’s a history of heart disease in the family or not, the Men’s Heart Health at-home lab test can provide Dad with the gift of a comprehensive look at the risk factors for heart health and heart disease prevention.

Test results will show whether or not he maintains optimal levels of total cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglycerides, which he can then share with his primary healthcare provider to better understand the risk for developing heart disease and discuss preventive lifestyle changes.

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For the One Who Loves a Good Meal

Father’s-Day-Gift-Guide-2022 FS

Being a foodie can be hard if you often experience uncomfortable symptoms after eating your favorite meals.

Help him find out which foods may be causing a higher immune reactivity in his body with our Food Sensitivity Test. This at-home lab test could help him identify what may be causing discomfort after meals by measuring the body’s IgG antibody reactivity to 96 common foods which can guide a temporary elimination diet with add-back challenge.

Our Food Sensitivity Comprehensive Test measures an even broader set of 204 foods—it’s perfect for the more adventurous eater! His results could help him prioritize potential food culprits when planning a temporary elimination diet and add-back challenge to help identify which foods may be causing his symptoms.

If your dad is a foodie who's passionate about trying new dishes and ingredients, you could even consider gifting him a Food Allergy Test. This gift allows him to explore his culinary adventures while caring for his health. By identifying potential allergens, this self-care gift can help your loved one make informed choices, promoting mindfulness in his food choices and supporting his overall wellness.

Shop the Food Sensitivity Test or Food Sensitivity Comprehensive Test.

For the One Who Keeps It Balanced

Father’s-Day-Gift-Guide-2022 Vitamins (2)

Help the guy in your life take the guesswork out of getting the recommended daily amount of vitamins and minerals by gifting him our new high-quality vitamins and supplements this Father’s Day.

Our brand new offering of vitamins and supplements includes Vitamin D3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and Omega-3 Fish Oil, all of which are created to help the loved ones in your life fuel their health and wellness year-round.

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For the One Who Wants to Take Steps to Prevent Colon Cancer

Father’s-Day-Gift-Guide-2022 FIT

While this Everlywell test may seem like an unconventional option, it could turn out to be one of the most meaningful gifts of all—the gift of longevity.

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the U.S., but it’s highly treatable when detected early. In fact, the USPSTF recommends that American adults 45 to 75 years old at average risk start screening for colorectal cancer. And with an at-home lab test like our FIT Colon Cancer Screening Test*, the first step is as simple as the stroke of a brush.

If the one you love is 45 or older, help him take steps to screen for colon cancer from the comfort, convenience, and privacy of home.

Shop the FIT Colon Cancer Screening Test.

Disclaimer: Not a replacement for a colonoscopy. The test is designed to show if blood is detected in your stool, which may be associated with colorectal polyps and cancers. Any positive result should be shared with your healthcare provider to determine next steps. Do not use this test if you have adenomas, inflammatory bowel disease, certain hereditary syndromes, or a personal family history of colorectal cancer.

If the special man in your life has been putting off his health checks or has been experiencing unwanted symptoms that could be tied to a hormone imbalance or potential food sensitivity, help him get access to an at-home lab test could help him check on his levels from the convenience of home.

Don’t see the perfect gift for Dad on this list? No worries—check out the rest of our at-home lab tests (there are over 30 to choose from!) that could help the special man in your life achieve his healthiest self each day. Another option is to send care in the form of an Everlywell gift card, so Dad can browse and select the test of his choice.

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