Inside Everlywell: How our team members are taking care this holiday season

At Everlywell, we believe in empowering those around us to take control of their health—whenever, however, and wherever they need it most. We work hard to deliver you the Everlywell experience and results you deserve, and our mission is carried out by the incredible people on the front line who make it all happen: our team.

We’re taking you inside the Everlywell family, where six of our team members from across teams share how they are taking care of themselves and others this holiday season. We know the winter festivities might look different for everybody, but what better way to celebrate—wherever that may be—than with some much needed holiday care and a kick-start to health and wellness.

Want to hear more about how Everlywell is taking on the holidays? Let’s meet the team!


Team Lead, Customer Care Team


What Erika does at Everlywell I get to spend my day helping out our Care Team so we can answer any of our amazing customers’ questions over email or on the phones. Each day is full of Zoom calls, so the team can talk "face-to-face" and we can all come up with the best solutions for our customers!

How Erika’s family is making the most of a socially distant family holiday Though this year looks a little different than most, I am grateful that my family is still finding ways to connect during the holidays! My dad's side of the family is having a Zoom Hanukkah Party. Since we live all over the country, we typically don't even get to see each other during this time, and now that everyone is a Zoom expert, we finally get to connect for Hanukkah! This online gathering of first, second, and third cousins, is the largest Hanukkah gathering we will have as a family and I am so lucky that such a difficult time has been able to connect all of us in a new way!

How Erika is sending care to a selfless person in her life I am sending my Aunt Jodie a Food Sensitivity Test this holiday season! As a single mother of six and as a teacher during this pandemic, she is always putting the needs of her children and students before her own. I hope this test will help her to discover which foods may be contributing to her symptoms so she can start feeling better and finally put her health first!

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Senior Manager, Digital Marketing


What Jamar does at Everlywell I’m a Senior Digital Marketing Manager on the performance marketing team. I oversee several of our paid channels and I manage our sales reporting.

Why Jamar is gifting his dad with an Everlywell lab test this year I want to gift my dad an HbA1c Test because he is diabetic, and I'm interested to learn how the Everlywell experience compares to the tests he takes through his doctor. This could potentially turn out to be an affordable and convenient option for him (to monitor his A1c between doctor’s appointments), especially with COVID-19 being around for the foreseeable future.

Jamar’s favorite holiday tradition Every year, we watch Christmas movies on Christmas Eve and then open presents on Christmas morning. Additionally, we always barbecue on Christmas day—I’m not sure if that is unique to our family. It might just be a Texan thing!

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Lead UX/UI Designer


What Anna does at Everlywell I work on the design team creating the digital experience for our customers and enterprise clients, from pre-purchase to results.

How Anna is spending the holidays I’m spending Christmas with my family in Houston and will probably have a virtual gift exchange with friends.

Anna’s favorite holiday tradition Last year I got my family matching sets of PJs as a funny activity to do together for photos. My oldest sister Annie just had her son and my youngest sister Joann completed her chemo treatment so we all needed a funny family photo to remember it.

Who Anna plans to gift an Everlywell test I plan on gifting my mom a Cholesterol and Lipids Test. She has been managing that for many years now, but I think being able to check-in on her levels without having to go into a doctor’s office during the pandemic would be best.

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Front End Engineer


What Matt does at Everlywell I build and maintain front end components and features that make us shine on the web! We have an amazing team of engineers that are dedicated to ensuring that our stack maintains the highest standards and quality.

How Matt is spending the holidays We are celebrating this holiday season with a road trip to Colorado. My sister moved to Boulder recently, and the family decided to mix things up a bit this year and go to Estes Park! I am hoping to see the hotel featured in the movie “The Shining.”

Who Matt plans to gift an Everlywell test I'll be sending my best friend and his family the Indoor and Outdoor Allergy Test because they have never tested their reaction to common allergens. I think they probably do have allergies, so I’m hoping to help them check on what may be causing their itchy throat, watery eyes, and sneezing.

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Partner Lab Quality and Compliance Director, Everlywell Diagnostics


What Tia does at Everlywell My role is to ensure that all of our partner labs, including EWDx are within regulatory compliance and published laboratory policies and procedures.

Who Tia is sending an Everlywell test to this year My sister was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease and has spent recent months taking control of her health. I am gifting her a Thyroid Test to help her measure and manage her levels and continue her new health journey.

What Tia is most looking forward to this holiday season I’m looking forward to COOKING! The women in my family all cook their specialties and we like to enjoy each other’s company.

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Executive Vice President of Talent & People Operations


What Stace does at Everlywell I am in charge of Talent Acquisition & Development; HR, Facilities, Culture, Learning & Development and Diversity/Equity.

How Stace is spending the holidays this year I am traveling to St Petersburg a week before Christmas and quarantining before I spend the holiday with my mom and sisters. It’s a very long trip for a few days of family time, but necessary in a time like this.

Why Stace is gifting his mother an Everlywell test for the holidays I am gifting my mother a Vitamin D Test. She has had several bouts of cancer, and I want her to keep up her strength and check-in to make sure her levels are normal and aren't contributing to fatigue.

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