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Results your body can count on with Everlywell

Updated December 8, 2023.

This year, instead of starting over in your health and wellness journey, add on to the progress you’ve already made. Because no matter how big or small last year’s progress may seem, you are still on the right path. And in 2024, we want to help you arrive at your health goals.

Your Everlywell test is about more than just the prick of a finger or the motion of a swab; it’s about what comes after that. We deliver results you can count on so that you can perfect those better-for-you recipes, conquer the outdoors, and get one step closer to better health.

To help you understand why your results matter, we broke down how you can take action after receiving your results.

Why an Everlywell test?

Since 2015, Everlywell has supported over one million customers on their health journeys by providing access to easy and affordable at-home lab tests. We deliver fast and accurate results to customers where they need it most: the comfort and safety of their homes. No surprise bills, no waiting rooms, and no hard-to-read results.

You took an Everlywell test. Now what?

When you take an Everlywell at-home lab test, you’re prompted to register your kit online, and mail in your sample to a CLIA-certified lab in our network for processing. Once your sample is processed, a physician reviews your final test results before they are digitally sent to you. You can then access your results through the secure personal results platform.

Your Everlywell results can be the first step in your health journey or a stepping stone to meeting your next wellness goal. While we deliver the results, the actions that come after you receive your Everlywell test results are often what bring you closer to those goals.

Now it’s time to take action.

Taking action on your Everlywell results

After you receive the email (or text notification) prompting you to view your results through our secure and HIPAA-compliant dashboard, there are a few ways for you to better understand your results.

Here are 5 actionable steps to take after you receive your results:

1. Read through your dashboard to understand your results

Our digital results platform was designed with you, our customer, in mind so you can understand every aspect of your lab test experience. Every Everlywell test you take will include a detailed and easy-to-read results report through our results dashboard. Depending on the test you took, we will include important context or information about the biomarker(s) the test measured, how to understand your results, and potential next steps.

Another way to stay on top of your health results is with our new Results Over Time Tracker—an easy-to-read digital feature built into our results platform so you can track how specific biomarkers trend in your health over time. A single lab result is a snapshot in time, tracking levels over time can help paint a more clear picture of your progress or trends that may need additional attention.

We make it easy to re-test as often as you'd like with test subscriptions and monthly membership options. With Everlywell+, you can test certain health metrics as often as once a month. Keep an eye on hormone levels, vitamin levels, heart health, and more, and track your results easily with the Results Over Time Tracker. No more waiting for once-a-year (or less) lab tests. Take matters into your own hands and gain valuable insight as often as you'd like, for only $39/month. Learn more about the Everlywell+ monthly testing membership.

2. Attend one of our informational webinars

We know that the at-home lab testing experience may be new to most people, so we want to ensure you have all of the resources you need to understand your results. Our team of in-house registered nurses and dietitians host test-specific weekly, live webinars that are open to customers who have taken that Everlywell at-home lab test. These webinars provide important contextual information about your test, the biomarkers measured, and how your results could provide greater insight into your overall health. While these results discussions are not meant to replace a physician consultation, there is dedicated time for you to ask questions and connect directly with a clinical professional who can provide important context.

3. Schedule a physician consultation (when applicable)

Follow-up care may be included in your digitally-delivered results. For diagnostic tests such as our STI tests, a physician consultation and prescription (when applicable) is offered for positive results. You can also schedule a discreet virtual care visit with a licensed nurse practitioner. While not all of our lab tests are diagnostic (meaning your results will diagnose you with an illness, disease, or condition), they can provide valuable insight into how your body and health are doing.

Not interested in talking about your health to anyone other than your own healthcare provider? No problem.You can easily save and print a PDF or digitally share your results with anyone—including your healthcare provider. This way, you can bring your Everlywell results to your next appointment and discuss them with your doctor. While your physician might be used to using their own lab, your Everlywell results reports provide the reference ranges used by the lab that processed your sample. Reference ranges are a tool that help provide healthcare providers with the context to make sense of your results.

4. Bring your results to your next health checkup

It’s important to share any changes in your health with your primary care provider so they can help you understand potential effects it can have on your overall health. In addition to discussing your lab results, collaborate with your healthcare provider to make a health plan for the year. Talk through what types of tests you should be doing routinely or between visits to monitor certain aspects of your health. Also, ask questions about changes you can make to your lifestyle to improve or manage your levels, or change certain habits for the better.

5. Make an actionable plan for next steps

Your Everlywell results can provide valuable insight into your health, and could help you decide what next steps you want to take in your wellness journey. If you’ve attended a webinar, discussed your results with your healthcare provider, and made a health plan for the year, you’re already on the right path.

To take things even further, track your progress in a health journal or app and set small goals that will help lead to big changes over time. Always consult with your healthcare provider before making major changes to your diet or exercise routines. Finally, schedule a follow-up appointment with your healthcare provider and consider tracking your progress over time by joining the Everlywell+ testing membership!

Using your lab results to set goals and reaching new heights in your wellness journey isn’t supposed to be hard. We’re here to help you understand your results and take action on them. Because demanding better for your body will bring you one step closer to the health goals you want to achieve this year.

Find out which of our at-home lab tests could help you get the results you need and your body can count on.

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