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Benefits of Health and Wellness Memberships: What to Know

Medically reviewed on February 8, 2024 by Morgan Spicer, Medical Communications Manager. To give you technically accurate, evidence-based information, content published on the Everlywell blog is reviewed by credentialed professionals with expertise in medical and bioscience fields.

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Prioritizing your health is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Adopting healthier habits can decrease your risk of serious health problems like diabetes and obesity, improve your energy levels, encourage healthy weight management, and improve your mental health. [1-2] That being said, sticking to new habits isn’t always easy. Many people have difficulty staying motivated and accountable for their goals. This is where a health or wellness membership can come in.

What Is a Wellness Membership?

A wellness membership is anything that will encourage you to regularly invest in and prioritize your health and wellness. Everlywell is proud to offer a monthly lab-testing membership that allows users to monitor key health parameters regularly and at a discounted price. Some commonly reported membership tools include [3]:

  • Diet programs
  • Gym memberships
  • Habit tracking apps
  • Meditation apps

Health and Wellness Membership Benefits

Committing to some kind of health and wellness membership can lead to many beneficial effects. Not only can you support and improve your physical and mental health, but many memberships will allow you to measure, track, and update your goals.

Improve Mental and Physical Health

There are many benefits to adopting healthier habits. Whether you’re looking to increase your physical activity, eat healthier, learn more about your health, or try something new like yoga or meditation, there have been many observed benefits to both physical and mental health. [2,4,5]

For example, research suggests that yoga may relieve stress, help manage chronic illness, and improve sleep, balance, and mental health. [4] Research also shows that making healthy dietary choices can reduce the risk of conditions like heart disease and cancer. [5] Lastly, regular physical activity has been shown to improve sleep, reduce the risk of depression and anxiety, reduce the risk of chronic illness and serious outcomes from infectious diseases, strengthen your bones and muscles, and more. [1-2]

Opting into a membership that encourages you to make healthy decisions can lead to many observable benefits.


Sticking to a goal or resolution isn’t always easy. A survey conducted by Forbes Health/One poll found that the average resolution lasts less than 4 months, with the majority of people sticking to their goals for 2-3 months. [3] It’s understandable- life gets busy, work, family time, and social gatherings tend to take priority over a new health or wellness goal. Memberships can help improve accountability in a few ways. First, if you’ve paid for something already, you’re far more likely to use it. [6] Secondly, depending on the type of membership you’re looking for, you may have people encouraging you to return, which can help you stay motivated. [1]

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Investing in Your Health

A health or wellness membership is a great investment in your health. Whether you’re paying out of pocket or being reimbursed, you can take pride in investing your money in something that improves your health. Some insurance providers and employers will reimburse you or provide a discount for your monthly gym membership or other wellness expenses, and for good reason. [7-8] Research shows that a lack of physical activity is associated with higher healthcare costs and utilization, while regular activity and healthy habits have the opposite effect. [9] Reimbursement options vary greatly by employer or insurance plan, so be sure to speak with your insurance or HR representative if you have questions about wellness reimbursement options.

Achieving Your Goals

Lastly, a recurring membership is a great way to achieve your goals. Whether your goal is to improve your eating habits, lose weight, feel stronger, or to simply make healthier choices, a subscription or membership may be helpful. You can track your progress more regularly with various membership tools, such as the Everlywell app, which allows you to register your tests, receive reminders, access your results, and more.

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Monitor key health parameters regularly and at a discounted price with the Everlywell+ monthly lab testing membership. We’re making it easier than ever to stay on top of your health and wellness. Whether you’re keeping up with your sexual health, monitoring progress toward goals, or you’re interested in trying out a variety of tests, the Everlywell+ membership allows you to invest in your health year-round. Everlywell+ provides you with members-only benefits and regular at-home lab testing all for just $33/month with a 12-month commitment (or cancel anytime for $39/month)! Learn more about Everlywell membership options >>

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