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Inside Everlywell Diagnostics: Meet the team!

Earlier this month, we gave you a behind-the-scenes look at the life of a lab sample—from at-home sample collection to analysis at the lab to receiving your physician-reviewed results online in days. But who actually makes it all happen?

Well, there are a lot of hardworking people within our network of labs who ensure you receive insightful and actionable results after taking an Everlywell test.

So, we’re shedding light on some of our incredible team members and all the hard work they do at the Dallas-based lab, Everlywell Diagnostics. We spoke with people across teams to learn more about their roles, what day-to-day work routines look like at the lab, and what inspired them to pursue a career in healthcare.

Let’s meet the team!

Zankhana, Testing Department Lead

Why did you decide on a career in healthcare? I really like to work as a medical laboratory technician which plays an integral role in the medical field. I like that as a medical laboratory scientist, I am able to make an impact on people’s lives without having to directly interact with the patients. Medical laboratory technicians assist both patients and their physicians collectively, aid in diagnosis and in planning out next steps, and in monitoring progress. We are responsible for conducting a variety of tests on patient samples in an attempt to detect the absence or presence of a number of diseases.

I am a very detail-oriented person which is essential in this career because the smallest detail could have big implications as missing the smallest detail could directly affect how the patient is treated.

What kind of work do you do at the lab? As a Testing Personnel Lead, I assign daily tasks to all testing personnel and work closely with the technical supervisors to ensure we maintain the highest quality and compliance including all analyzer validation, LIS (laboratory information system) validation, and proficiency testing.

We currently use Beckman AU680 for chemistry testing, Siemens Centaur XP and XPT for immunochemistry testing, Hologic Panthers and BioRad Geenius platforms for Infectious Disease testing, and I am considered the primary operator for all systems. I work on the analyzers and troubleshooting any issues that come up. I have high knowledge and experience on the analyzers we have now, which makes me the go to person when there is an issue with them. I also enjoy training new testing personnel on all analyzers.

I am responsible for investigating any potential issues/errors that may affect customer results. This requires that I work closely with other departments including Sample Prep Lab Assistants and Pre Analytic Personnel. Usually, a potential issue is raised by Sample Prep or Pre Analytic department. I assist, along with a Technical Supervisor, for any abnormal result trends which require investigation with the Sample Prep department and testing department. I also assist with patient testing and analyzer operation as needed to fill in if someone is off or has called in, or if volume increases.

My days are usually planned, but I have to be flexible as unplanned issues arise and I need to pivot my attention to other things as needed.

What is your favorite part about being a part of the Everlywell Diagnostics team? My favorite thing about being a part of Everlywell Diagnostics and Everly Health is that I feel cared for as an employee from my direct supervisor, to my indirect supervisors, HR and even C-Suite team members. I also love how diverse we are and how it is a priority for the company. EWDx gives all employees an opportunity to expand their knowledge and help them be successful in their career. My most favorite part of working at this company is helping so many American to get their results accurately done with less costs and time.

What is your favorite Everlywell test and why? My favorite Everlywell test is the Heart Health Test which covers Hemoglobin A1c, hsCRP, and lipid panel because many people nowadays suffer from diabetes and high lipids. The Everlywell Heart Health Test can help people get access to their results faster without waiting for a doctor's appointment.

Joann, Pre-Analytic Operations Lead

Why did you decide on a career in healthcare? I care about helping people and making an impact without directly working with patients.

What kind of work do you do at the lab? I delegate the day-to-day function and performance for the department, from receiving samples, accessioning, and FIT testing & resulting. Throughout my shift, there will be issues that arise within the laboratory or sample issues that need immediate attention or problem-solving. Most importantly, I have to make sure that the quality of services offered by the lab meets the expected standards.

What is your favorite part about being a part of the Everlywell Diagnostics team? My favorite part about working at Everlywell Diagnostics is I enjoy helping supervisors and R&D (research & development) scientists with special projects, training new staff, and knowing I played a role in ensuring customers receive their needed results.

What is your favorite Everlywell test and why? My favorite would have to be the Ovarian Reserve Test. After having three boys, I wanted to see if trying for at least one girl was an option for me.

Megan, Quality Assurance Supervisor and Safety Office

Why did you decide on a career in healthcare? I guess you could say it was my destiny—let me explain why.

I wanted to be a pharmacist for the majority of my young life, but after the 9/11 attacks pharmacy schools were flooded with extremely qualified candidates with master’s degrees and PhDs already. After two attempts to get in and being waitlisted once, I decided I needed a new plan. I had already spent four years at Texas Tech University, so I needed to find the quickest route to graduation. I decided on a chemistry degree and I was half a semester away from a dual degree, but my parents said, “Your time is up, go get a real job.”

So, I started out as a bench chemist for a pharmaceutical company, but quickly knew the bench life wasn’t for me. My desire was to help people and I wanted to do more than I was doing. I began training new chemists coming into the laboratory, then my supervisor spotted I had a good eye for detail and said I should try out Quality Assurance. I should’ve known Quality is where I would end up, because it’s all throughout my bloodline. My grandmother worked in Quality for Texas Instruments for over 40 years and my mother has been working in Quality at a vinyl company for over 45 years, so I guess it was my destiny whether I wanted it to be or not.

The first 10 years of my career I spent in the pharmaceutical, medical device, dietary supplement, cosmetic, and food/beverage industries. I loved getting to troubleshoot why formulations weren’t working during the manufacturing process, as well as write the detailed steps of how to make a product through technical writing. After 10 years, I decided I wanted to learn a new industry and got into the clinical laboratory industry. I have truly enjoyed getting to learn a new industry and apply my Quality skill set.

What kind of work do you do at the lab? My daily responsibilities include reviewing various types of documentation from SOPs (standard operating procedures) to logs used in the laboratory. I would say a large part of my job is doing technical writing, which includes technical writing of SOPs, CAPAs (corrective and preventive action), and NCEs (non-conforming events), as well as formatting and creating forms for the lab to use on a daily basis. These forms help to make various jobs more efficient by documenting actions that occur in the laboratory. I also perform internal audits to ensure the laboratory is operating in compliance with CAP and CLIA regulations. I maintain the change control process for our laboratory information management system (LIMS). I also ensure training and competency evaluations occur in the laboratory and that both are documented appropriately. I serve as support to the laboratory management and staff by being a resource for processes and issues that arise within the laboratory. In addition to the previously mentioned tasks, I am the safety officer to ensure we maintain a safe work environment within the laboratory.

What is your favorite part about being a part of the Everlywell Diagnostics team? My favorite thing about working at Everlywell Diagnostics is wearing multiple hats and staying busy because it makes me feel like I am contributing to achieving our company goals. I also love getting to help others by teaching them how to have a Quality mindset, which will hopefully help them advance their career while improving the laboratory at the same time.

What is your favorite Everlywell test and why? So far, my favorite test Everlywell offers is the Food Sensitivity Comprehensive Test. It confirmed some things I already knew about how my body processes food, but it also helped me identify other things that I never knew impacted my body. It has been eye-opening, and I am very grateful to get to work here for many reasons, one of which afforded me the opportunity to take this test.

Jovonnie, Pre-analytic Team

Why did you decide on a career in healthcare? I chose this career path because I love helping people and watching them overcome their fear of sickness, or what they thought was sickness. Taking control of your health and getting to know your body better is everything.

What kind of work do you do at the lab? Every day, I make sure all the samples from the day before are accessioned and ready to be delivered to the sample preparation department. I try accessioning three or more tubes a day knowing that will help someone get closer to knowing their results. If I have extra time, I help with punching out blood cards as part of sample prep, or I volunteer to help our Lab QA (quality assurance) so we can achieve more goals.

What is your favorite part about being a part of the Everlywell Diagnostics team? My favorite part about working for Everlywell Diagnostics is that this lab is like a family, and there is no color involved when it comes to getting things taken care of. Everyone is treated with respect.

Niray, Technical Supervisor

Why did you decide on a career in healthcare? My story isn’t much different from other people in labs—it boils down to loving science and being an introvert, which restricts you to a few options. I really wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and have an impact either directly or indirectly to patient care.

What kind of work do you do at the lab? After spending my morning focused on my own health and wellness with a 6am workout and walking my dog, I get to work around 10am and I’m usually in meetings for most of the day. I block off time after that for research and development (R&D). This is the fun part of the day for me where I get to experiment and try new technologies or theories from papers.

What is your favorite part about being a part of the Everlywell Diagnostics team? My favorite part about being on the team at the Everlywell Diagnostics is the growth—we have undergone multiple evolutions in such a short period of time. It is remarkable to compare where we were in January to where we are now as Everly Health!

What is your favorite Everlywell test and why? Right now, my favorite Everlywell test is our Vitamin D Test; It is an essential vitamin that sometimes doesn't get the spotlight or emphasis from the consumers.

Thank you to our team of hardworking laboratorians and healthcare professionals at Everlywell Diagnostics and across our network of lab partners who work tirelessly to inspect, extract, analyze, and review your lab samples. Without their dedication and the important work being done at the labs, we would not be able to connect you, our customers, to the insightful and potentially life-changing results you deserve.

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