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How much does it cost to get tested for STDs?

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STDs are incredibly common among sexually active people, and they’ve become even more prevalent in recent years. The CDC reported 2.5 million cases of the three most common STDs—syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea—in 2019 alone [1].

Meanwhile, testing for STDs remains one of the most important tactics for monitoring your sexual health, detecting STDs, and receiving proper treatment as soon as possible.

In this article, we’ll discuss where to get STD testing and how much an STD test is likely to cost. We’ll explore traditional options—like visiting your primary healthcare provider—and more convenient options, like at-home STD testing. We’ll also explain the benefits and drawbacks of each testing option.

Testing options

STD symptoms can often be similar between the different STDs as well as other non-related issues, like ingrown hair vs. herpes, which can be mistaken for each other. So when you're unsure of what you're experiencing, getting an STD test is helpful.

But, how much does it cost to get tested for STDs? The cost often depends upon where you get tested.

Most people have access to one or more of the following STD test options [2]:

  • A primary healthcare provider, or the person who typically performs your physical exams, diagnoses minor illness symptoms, and orders routine blood work
  • An OB/GYN or urologist, who performs your regular sexual health exams, diagnoses reproductive illnesses, prescribes birth control, and provides prenatal care during pregnancy
  • A reproductive healthcare clinic, where you can request routine exams, birth control prescriptions, diagnoses for sex-related symptoms, and information about sexual health at large
  • A publicly- or privately-funded low-cost clinic, which provides low- or no-cost testing and treatment for a variety of illnesses and symptoms

But, depending on your socioeconomic status and your geographic location, you may not have access to these testing options. For example, if you live in a rural area and don’t have regular access to a vehicle or public transportation, these services may not be accessible to you.

Enter a relatively new option—STD testing at home. Most tests involve only a few simple steps, like:

  • Placing an order
  • Receiving a test in the mail
  • Self-collecting a specimen
  • Mailing back the sample
  • Reviewing your results online

STD at-home tests are an excellent option for people who can’t access typical testing outlets.


There are a few factors that determine how much STD testing will cost:

  • Insurance coverage – If you have health insurance, your policy likely covers at least a portion of STD testing. But, read your policy closely—your carrier may not cover all testing costs, and may only pay for a certain number of tests per year.
  • Testing location – Tests will vary in cost based upon the type of provider you access. Primary care providers, OB/GYNs and urologists, and reproductive healthcare clinics will likely charge for STD testing, and you can expect similar costs to routine blood work. Public or private low- or no-cost clinics may provide testing at a reduced price.
  • Test type – Not all STD tests are created equal. Clinics often offer blood panels, urine tests, physical exams, or a combination of all three for patients seeking testing, and your cost will reflect the test(s) you choose.

While all of these factors play into on-site STD testing, one of the many benefits of using an at-home test is the consistent cost. While testing brands may run promotions or offer discount codes, tests will remain around the same price regardless of your location and insurance status.

Benefits and drawbacks

There are certainly benefits to traditional STD testing at a healthcare provider's office, sexual health clinic, or low- or no-cost facility:

  • You get one-on-one time with a healthcare provider, who can answer your questions about testing, sexual health, and treatment.
  • Your insurance coverage may apply, resulting in reduced cost.
  • Your chosen location may offer a variety of tests to choose from, which can help you save money and time.

By contrast, at-home STD testing adds additional privacy to the process, comes at a consistent cost, and you’ll receive results quickly. While you won’t be able to interface with a healthcare provider while collecting your specimen, many test providers connect you with a network of qualified sexual health experts if you test positive for any STDs.

Now you've explored the different test options and what can affect the STD testing cost. Note that testing for a sexually transmitted disease soon after contracting it can be crucial. So, understanding the STD incubation period between first sexual contact and infection to when STD symptoms show up can make a difference in your health.

Additionally, it's also crucial to inform a sexual partner or anyone you've made sexual contact with after contracting an STD if your test result is positive. This will allow them to get tested quickly and seek health care if needed.

Everlywell: providing simple, affordable STD tests from home

When experiencing common STD signs (note that signs of STDs in men can differ from women), it's crucial to get tested and seek health care. While costs for STD testing can vary based on your testing option, the type of test you choose, and your insurance coverage, many testing companies make it easier to obtain confidential, reliable, and fast testing from home.

That’s our mission at Everlywell—to provide high-quality STD testing at an affordable cost wherever you live without requiring an in-person visit. Simply order our test kit, collect your own specimen, mail it back to us, and await your confidential, digital results. If you test positive for one of the seven infections checked by our panel, we’ll even put you in touch with our network of healthcare providers so that you can seek treatment.

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