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Revealed: Surprising Insights From the Everlywell Hometown Holiday Hook-Up Survey

The magic of the mistletoe is in full effect, according to our Hometown Holiday Hook-Up Survey. Everlywell polled 850 singles ages 18-44 years old to find out just how steamy this holiday season will be – and we’re sharing tips on staying safe and prioritizing your sexual health as casual hook-ups are on the rise.

The Ghosts of Holiday Hook-Ups Past, Present, and Future

Not only have people engaged in festive fun in the past, but they have plans for a casual rendezvous as they head home for the holidays. Nearly 60% of people we surveyed said they will have casual sex when home for the holidays this year, and that may be modest, considering how many people have gotten some extra love during the holidays before.

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It turns out that the holiday season ignites a fire in some people surveyed who may not normally have as many steamy hook-ups in their everyday lives. In fact, over half of single men surveyed said they have more casual sex when home for the holidays than they normally do, but only 35% of women surveyed agreed.

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Location, Location, Location

These holiday hook-ups will be happening close to home, but fortunately, not too close. According to survey findings, it's time to bid farewell to the days of sneaking around in your parents' basement and say hello to a fling’s house or hotel. Less than 10% of people surveyed said they will hook up at their family's house, with the largest group opting for their fling's house or a hotel (24%).

To Unblock or Not to Unblock?

Holiday hook-up season doesn't necessarily mean it's time to reconnect with your exes, at least for most people. According to our findings, a staggering 66% of respondents expressed interest in finding a new fling with a majority turning to dating apps or scouting local bars.

Safety First, Get Tested Later

Casual hook-ups are spontaneous but can happen even more on the whim when home for the holidays. So, safety first – go into the holiday season with a plan on prioritizing your sexual health and know there is fast and discreet STD care from at-home testing to on-demand telehealth appointments from Everlywell.

Holiday hook-ups are on the rise around the holidays and so are sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), making it even more important than ever to be aware of your STD status by getting tested and having open conversations with your casual hook-up about it. [1]

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Over half of people surveyed said they always check themselves for STDs after a casual hook-up or sexual encounter, but it can be challenging to get tested or receive treatment for an STD while visiting your hometown during the holidays, as appointments at local doctors may be hard to come by. Fortunately, there are convenient and safe alternatives available. Everlywell provides at-home STD lab tests and offers virtual on-demand appointments accessible from anywhere using your phone.

Everlywell STD on-demand virtual care addresses the biggest challenges people face in the current treatment landscape. According to Board-Certified OBGYN Dr. Kenosha Gleaton, MD, “Even though sexually transmitted infections are more and more common, patients often feel embarrassed when they receive a diagnosis, and this shame may prevent them from getting the care they need.”

With on-demand appointments, people can get discreet, fast, easy, and reliable STD care from a highly trained clinician in 2 hours or less from the privacy of wherever home is over the holidays. The timeframe for getting tested after exposure varies for different sexually transmitted infections from about 1 week to up to 6 months, according to CDC guidelines, so it’s important to check with a healthcare provider for guidance.

Whether you’re in the market for a new spontaneous hometown fling or not, keep your sexual health top of the list this holiday season.

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1. Centers for Disease Control. Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance 2021. Accessed November 17, 2023.

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