Meet our first at-home Food Allergy and Celiac Disease Screening tests

Have you heard the news?!

We’ve expanded our nutritional health essentials with two new digestive health solutions: Food Allergy and Celiac Disease Screening! This means you now have more options, support, and information than ever before to help make the right choice for a healthier you — all in one place.

If you experience food-related symptoms, you’re not alone — in fact, over 90% of our customers have experienced a food-related symptom in the past year.* But with the newest additions to our nutritional health collection (plus, the Food Sensitivity Test you already trust!), you can gain insight and guidance to help take action on your food-related symptoms.


“By pairing high-quality laboratory testing with virtual care and post-test support, [Everlywell] consumers now have convenient and affordable access to insights they can take back to their healthcare practitioners to assist in the evaluation of common food conditions,” said Dr. Brett Mendel, MD, of Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates of the two new products. “These tests can be a valuable tool for those who may struggle with food-related symptoms and either are unsure where to start or can’t afford to visit a specialist.”

And since they’re backed by science, our at-home lab tests can help you plan next steps thanks to actionable results and digital consultations with healthcare professionals, when applicable.

Wondering where to start with the food-related symptoms you’re experiencing? Let’s meet the newest options to help you dive deeper into your health and wellness and make the right choices for you.

Food Allergy Test

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Did you know one out of 26 million American adults suffer from food allergies? If you experience hives, tingling, or itching immediately after you eat certain foods, our new Food Allergy Test can be a helpful tool in the process of determining whether your food-related symptoms may be caused by a food allergy.

By measuring your IgE reactivity to some of the most common food allergens including cow’s milk, peanuts, shrimp, egg yolk, egg whites, and more, the Food Allergy Test can help you take a first step in understanding if food allergies may be affecting your health. If your results indicate increased reactivity that may be associated with a food allergy, you will receive a call from a nurse to help with next steps.

Shop the Food Allergy Test ($149).

Celiac Disease Screening Test

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As many as 1 in every 141 Americans may have Celiac Disease, and many don’t know it. If you’re experiencing discomfort after eating gluten, our Celiac Disease Screening Test may be able to help you learn more.

By measuring your body’s immune response to gluten, the Celiac Disease Screening Test can help you learn whether you have antibodies linked to celiac disease. If your results show that you may have an increased risk of celiac disease, our patient care team will reach out to you about next steps.

Shop the Celiac Disease Screening Test ($119).

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