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Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone

The Chief Medical Officer Explains Natural Techniques to Boost Testosterone

Testosterone can boost athletic performance, increase sexual drive, and even influence mood. As men get older, average testosterone levels decrease. This can cause loss of muscle, increased body fat, and decreased sexual energy. For many men, these changes can feel like a loss of manhood.

For this reason, as they get older, many men begin wondering how they increase their testosterone. While there are medications that can boost testosterone levels, these medications come with certain health risks including blood clots, so recently much attention has focused on “natural” ways to increase testosterone. These ways can range from activity and lifestyle changes, to changes in the diet and supplements.

The single best way to boost testosterone levels is to do exercises that promote muscle growth. Simply put, the body responds to the muscles’ desires to grow by increasing testosterone levels to support this growth. Weight-lifting and high-intensity interval training (you’ll often see this called “HIIT”) are the best methods to promote muscle development, and thereby increase testosterone levels. The more body parts that are involved the better, as many can neglect large muscle groups such as the legs and core. Because of this link between full body muscle focus and testosterone, Involving these larger muscles can have the biggest impact on larger muscles over all.

Certain foods can increase testosterone levels as well. Healthy fats, lean protein, and vegetables have been found to be the most powerful foods to increase testosterone levels. Testosterone is made from fats, so its production is dependent on fat intake, such as nuts, avocados, and fatty fish. Protein can boost levels of Growth Hormone, the essential hormone is testosterone production. Vegetables, especially cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, contain micronutrients that support the body’s anabolic--muscle production and fat burning state--by supporting the production of testosterone.

Other more progressive methods are being explored to increase testosterone levels as well, such as intermittent fasting or intermittent sexual abstention. While methods such as these -- as well as supplements -- will continue to be explored to increase testosterone levels, like so many aspects of health, diet and exercise will likely have the greatest impact.

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