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Ozempic® Injection Sites: Where Is the Best Place To Inject Ozempic® For Weight Loss?

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If you are taking Ozempic®, you may be wondering, “Where is the best place to inject Ozempic® for weight loss?” Certain locations on your body can be more effective for injections than others.

Ozempic®, also known as semaglutide, is an increasingly popular medication used for chronic weight management and blood sugar control. To get maximum weight loss results from Ozempic®, it’s important to use proper injection techniques.

Ozempic® must be injected once weekly into the fatty tissue under the surface of the skin. This type of subcutaneous injection into the fat allows for steady medication release over time.

Ozempic® can be properly injected into several places, so there is some flexibility regarding injection sites. However, certain areas are better than others. Avoid injecting the drug into a muscle or vein. It’s also important to rotate your injection sites weekly to help prevent side effects affecting the skin, such as redness or irritation.

Where To Inject Ozempic®

Here are the preferred areas to inject Ozempic®.

Stomach/Abdomen Area

The abdomen area around the belly button provides a padded site with plenty of subcutaneous fat to receive a full Ozempic® dosage. Inject at least 2 inches away from the belly button. Rotate between the top left, top right, bottom right, and bottom left of the belly button.


The front and sides of the thighs offer easily accessible fatty areas to inject Ozempic® without hitting muscle. Make sure to rotate your site by injecting into your left thigh one week and then your right thigh another week (or another injection site like your butt or abdomen).

Upper Arm

The soft area on the back and underneath the arms, located between the elbow and shoulder, provides another site with sufficient subcutaneous fat for Ozempic® injections. Avoid injecting into muscular parts of your arms such as your shoulders or biceps. Alternate arms weekly so you switch up your injection site.


The buttocks provide a well-padded injection site for Ozempic®. Use the upper, outer region of the buttocks to avoid injecting too deep into the muscle. Rotate the cheek that you inject weekly or switch to another site each time you inject the drug.

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Injection Techniques

Follow these tips for proper injection technique when self-administering Ozempic® for optimal weight loss results [1,2]:

  • Inject into a fatty part of the body: The best places to inject Ozempic® for weight loss include the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and back of the arms.
  • Avoid irritated areas of skin: Don’t inject into hardened or tender lumps under the skin or spots of skin that are red, burned, or inflamed.
  • Alternate the injection site each week: This allows sites where you’ve injected to recover, helping to prevent skin reactions.
  • Take Ozempic® on an empty stomach: Inject the drug about two hours prior to your first meal of the day. Before eating breakfast, administer Ozempic® while your stomach is still empty which assists in absorption.
  • Use the right needle: Always use the needle provided with the drug or by your doctor to ensure adequate depth into the subcutaneous fat. Usually, a clean needle is inserted into the drug pen each time before it’s administered.
  • Press and hold the Ozempic® pen against your skin: Read the directions for the specific pen that you’re using. Normally you will hold the pen against your skin and inject until the full dosage is administered. Then keep the needle inserted for 6 seconds to ensure full-dose delivery.
  • Insert the needle fully into the skin: Try to inject the needle tip at a 45-degree angle using a quick dart-like motion for comfort.
  • Clean the skin first: Use an alcohol swab to clean the injection site. Let the alcohol fully dry before injecting to prevent stinging.
  • Remove the needle from the pen: Once you’re done injecting, remove the needle and place it in a container that’s safe for sharp objects. Then put the pen cap back on the pen. Use a new needle each time you inject your medicine.
  • Never share medicine pens with others under any circumstances: It is not safe for one pen to be used for more than one person. Sharing needles or pens can transmit infection.

What If I Miss An Injection Dose?

If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you can within five days after the missed dose. Then take your next dose at your regular weekly time. If it has been longer than five days after the missed dose, do not take the missed dose. Take the next dose at your regular time. Do not take double or extra doses. If you have questions about a missed dose, contact your healthcare provider.[3]

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