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Can I Check My Cholesterol at Home?

A: Yes, you can now check your cholesterol at home!

The bigger question is, "what do you want to check, and how?".

Though the most common way to check cholesterol remains the inconvenient process of going to a doctor’s office and/or laboratory, there are now several options for checking cholesterol at home.

First, decide whether you really want to check your cholesterol yourself. Going to your doctor or a laboratory may continue to be the best option if you feel uncomfortable administering a small blood test on yourself, or feel like you do not understand what test you are purchasing. Increasingly, however, individuals are becoming more comfortable self-administering tests and learning about basic tests like cholesterol.

We’ve written a short article on what markers you should get results for (this will help you pick the right test) and what tests are most common for at home cholesterol monitoring. If you’re interested in purchasing your own at home cholesterol test, be sure to read our quick guide to common testing options here.

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