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Training For An Athletic Activity? Here's Why You'll Want To Monitor 2 Key Nutrients

Your physical performance can tank if you aren’t supplying your body with enough of the right nutrients. So you should prioritize monitoring your nutritional status – by checking your levels of important vitamins, for example – if you’re training intensely for an athletic activity.

What nutrients in particular should you track? Here are 2 important ones that we offer at-home tests for.

womenshormones VIDD (1)
Vitamin D – which your body makes when sunlight strikes your skin – is involved in muscle function [2]. Research studies suggest that vitamin D supplementation can give aerobic performance a boost [3]. There’s also evidence that high levels of vitamin D can reduce the amount of time needed for recovery [4]. On the other hand, low amounts of vitamin D might increase the risk of bone injuries [5].

These are all good reasons to regularly make sure your vitamin D levels are high enough – especially considering that vitamin D deficiency is very common.

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B vitamins are critical in energy metabolism because they regulate the buildup and breakdown of carbohydrates, fat, and protein [6]. And two types of B vitamins – B9 and B12 – are important for the body’s production of healthy red blood cells [7]. Fatigue can occur if you’re deficient in these B vitamins, and low levels of B vitamins may make exercise-related bone injuries more likely [8].

For these reasons, tracking your B vitamin levels throughout your training season is a good idea. This will allow you to make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need to achieve peak performance.

How You Can Track These Key Nutrients From Home

Regularly tracking these 2 nutrients might sound like a hassle. After all, you might have to interrupt your training schedule to visit to a clinic or a lab.

Fortunately, with EverlyWell’s at-home tests you won’t have to drop by a clinic or lab to check your nutritional status. Instead, you simply order the test you want to take – and it’ll arrive at your doorstep in just a few days.

Then, you only need to do a simple sample collection – at home – and mail it to a lab using the prepaid shipping label that comes with the kit. And you’ll get to easily view your test results on EverlyWell’s secure online platform.

So consider taking one – or more – of these tests below to get more insight into how key nutrients might be impacting your physical performance:

Vitamin D Test - measures your personal vitamin D level and compares it to healthy ranges

B Vitamins Test - helps you identify abnormal B vitamin levels

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