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Everly Health Virtual Care Provides Integrated, Diagnostics-Driven, At-Home Care

The future of healthcare depends on access to digital-first solutions rooted in diagnostic insights that support individuals along their health journey. At Everly Health, we aren’t just enabling a better lab testing experience. We’re enabling a better diagnostic experience through innovative products and clinical services that are insightful and actionable, leading to more comprehensive treatment with speed that offers overall better outcomes.

We are expanding beyond test kits to provide a fully integrated, end-to-end solution for those seeking high-quality and affordable diagnostics-driven care. This includes testing, treatment, and ongoing condition management to support people on their journey to better health with ease and speed. Everly Health Virtual Care Visits can be accessed via and through our iOS app.

Empowering Better Health Decisions

For almost a decade, Everly Health has enabled over 50 million at-home tests for millions of people. In a 2022 JD Power survey, telehealth encounters were reported to be preferred to in-person visits for several forms of routine care, with more than 70% of people preferring telehealth for reviewing medication options and discussing test results. A key area for potential improvements in care is the diagnosis and management of sexually transmitted infections (STIs, also called STDs), most of which require some form of laboratory testing to aid in diagnosis. Virtual care alone is often not suitable to diagnose an STI, but in collaboration with testing, accuracy of diagnosis and access to timely treatment is at your fingertips. Virtual care combined with at-home testing minimizes barriers to access and stigma associated with testing.

In addition, we address access to diagnostics and care. Approximately 99 million people in the U.S. live in health provider shortage areas (HPSAs), making diagnostics-driven, high-quality virtual care that meets people where they are mission critical. Twenty percent of Everlywell STI tests sold between 2021-2022 were purchased by people in rural areas, reinforcing the impact of virtual care and at-home solutions in areas with limited access to in-person care.

Providing Easy Access to Vital Healthcare

Available in all 50 states and covered by many major insurance plans, Virtual Care Visits create a seamless test-to-treat experience for people aged 18 and above, evaluating health conditions including COVID-19, flu, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), urinary tract infections (UTIs), thyroid, weight management, and men’s and women’s health, and importantly, expand access to care. The visits are priced at $59 when paying out of pocket.

The visits begin with a 20 to 30-minute comprehensive telehealth visit with a licensed, board-certified medical professional on a HIPAA-compliant platform. We use industry-leading technology to ensure personal information is safe and confidential. Following the in-depth assessment, the medical professional will suggest a personalized care plan which may include diagnostic testing and results review, prescription medicine, and/or lifestyle recommendations.

Appointments are available Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST. This is to provide adequate time for you to receive your insurance pricing estimate via email.

Virtual Care Visits are not intended for people experiencing life-threatening symptoms or who have already been diagnosed with a condition and require recurring prescriptions or ongoing management of a chronic condition.

Virtual Care Visits provide better care with you in mind — providing access to licensed physicians, personalized recommendations, and prescriptions through video calls, while leveraging industry-leading technology to ensure your personal information is safe and confidential. For more information about Virtual Care Visits, visit

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