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Q&A: The Process + Science Behind Everlywell Tests

We understand that taking a lab test from home might raise some questions for you, so we’re here to give you more information on some important points. For additional information and third-party references, check out our Science page.

I am not going into a lab to take the test, why should I trust my Everlywell results?

Multiple peer-reviewed publications, nationally and internationally, support the collection methods utilized by the labs Everlywell uses for testing. These methods of dried blood spot (DBS) and other self-collection methods like saliva, vaginal swab, and urine test for a variety of biomarkers, including but not limited to HIV, Hepatitis C, chlamydia, HPV, and cholesterol. The accuracy of both dried blood-spot and self-collected results are consistent with clinically-collected samples. Everlywell uses labs across the U.S. who have validated all of the biomarkers we offer customers. That data is reviewed and approved by the certified Laboratory Director at each lab, the Everlywell Clinical Team and our partner physician network’s medical team.

So you say the tests are physician approved. What does that mean?

To obtain independent physician review of customer test requests and results, Everlywell works with a network of board-certified physicians. This group provides authorization, review, and consultation services for Everlywell customers related to the customers’ tests. Additionally, all customers have the ability to speak with one of these board-certified physicians prior to purchasing a test.

How are Everlywell’s tests different than the ones I get from my doctor?

For the most part, the tests offered through Everlywell and those ordered in a physician’s office are the same. The primary difference is the sample type, for example a dried blood spot instead of venous blood draw. The instruments and assays of the labs we use for testing are comparable to—and often the same as—those used by the labs a doctor’s office uses. Our at-home sample collection methods, like dried blood spot or saliva, have been widely-accepted and highly utilized for decades in the laboratory industry.

Our tests are the same tests ordered by your doctor’s office and are just as accurate as the panels run at traditional brick-and-mortar labs.

How can you run tests off such small samples?

The labs we use utilize thoroughly validated extraction protocols to ensure the highest level of sample integrity and quality of testing results. Each extraction protocol goes through strict scrutiny and is held to the same high level of quality standards as the method validations performed by the labs we use. The sample extraction validation is included in the method validation (when appropriate) to ensure the end to end process produces the highest quality and most accurate results possible.

Does Everlywell share my lab test results with anyone?

Everlywell customer information is only shared with the labs we use for testing and physicians that are part of our testing process. Under no circumstances do we ever sell our customers' data, and we use state-of-the-art, bank grade encryption to ensure data security.

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