Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test to check for 40 common allergens

We’re exposing indoor and outdoor allergies

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We're exposed to allergies every single day, but we often don't know which allergy culprit is causing our watery eyes, sneezing, or coughing. Allergies can make us miss out on the moments that matter most, like our kids soccer game, happy hour outside with friends, or even delay us from adopting a pet.

Well, now we’re exposing allergies.

Introducing our Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test. Expose 40 of the most common allergens, and begin to discover the real allergy culprits causing you discomfort. The test measures: 14 trees, 9 weeds, 7 grasses, 4 molds, 2 dust mites, 2 pet allergens, and 2 pests.

It’s an allergy test made easy. Unlike a traditional skin prick test that has to be done in a doctor’s office, you can complete this one at home with a simple finger prick blood draw. Our blood test is comparable to the standard RAST blood allergy testing. So, this is a smart option if you would want to test your IgE levels from the convenience of your own home.

Many of the allergens included on this panel are among the most common indoor and outdoor allergens in the United States.

Although reactivity level can’t predict how you will respond to the allergen, this information is a good step toward understanding which allergens may be causing unwanted symptoms, so you can better prepare for the season or make improvements to your home to reduce allergen exposure. We even provide helpful information about each allergen and advice about possible next steps.

Take that, allergies.

Test for common indoor and outdoor allergens, including trees, grasses, and weeds with our easy at-home test.

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