Our Most Life-Changing Test Yet: A Note From EverlyWell CEO Julia Cheek

EverlyWell Community,

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of our 12th test this year – and one that so clearly brings EverlyWell’s vision to life: easy, affordable and life-changing lab testing for all.

Today we launched an at-home HPV test for women that detects the presence of 14 high-risk genotypes most commonly associated with causing cervical cancer. At $89 and covered by flexible spending and healthcare savings plans, this test is affordable, convenient, and over 99% accurate. Plus, it can provide life-saving information that is typically part of the screening process during an annual pap smear.

Approximately 20% of American women have one or more strains of high-risk HPV, which has been implicated in almost all cervical cancer cases.

Two strains that we test for, 16 and 18, cause 70% of cervical cancer. Yet, if caught early, pre-cancerous or early stage cancerous cervical changes are relatively easy to treat. In fact, earlier this month, the Washington Post published an article on a recent large landmark clinical study of this type of High-Risk HPV testing, noting that many doctors believe it can eventually replace the pap smear as an initial screening test.

My vision for EverlyWell is to provide solutions for women who are healthcare consumers and decision-makers for both themselves and their families. Our new HPV test is a hallmark example of providing an essential, potentially life-saving test for women who often put their health needs behind those of their families.

We are proud to be part of creating meaningful change in healthcare for people, not patients. Please feel free to share this message with the amazing women in your life.

Sincerely, Julia Cheek Founder & CEO

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