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COVID-19 Testing Resource

Last updated: April 8, 2020

Stay informed on the status of COVID-19 testing in the U.S. with regular updates posted here.

Updates: Everlywell COVID-19 Test inventory

Everlywell COVID-19 Test: Available for qualifying hospitals and healthcare companies only.

COVID-19 Test Kit: Bulk Order Request

To date, we’ve supplied testing to thousands of frontline healthcare workers, seniors, and high-risk patients nationwide by partnering with qualifying hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and government agencies.

We’re working diligently to get more COVID-19 tests available. There’s an extreme shortage of necessary supplies in the U.S., like nasal swabs, and our team is working to restock inventory as quickly as possible.

Recent updates for COVID-19 testing

(4/6/20) CVS Health announces opening of rapid COVID-19 drive-through testing sites in Georgia and Rhode Island: learn more here. According to CVS Health, "Patients will need to pre-register in advance online at CVS.com in order to schedule a same-day time slot for testing."

(3/29/20) Los Angeles works with Everlywell to get coronavirus test kits to seniors and community healthcare providers on Skid Row: learn more here.

(3/27/20) Where the U.S. is on at-home testing for COVID-19: learn more here. “Right now, it’s difficult to know when at-home testing kits will be available, particularly as guidelines and directives continue to change amid a rapidly evolving public health crisis,” says Elaine Howley in a U.S. News & World Report article. “But companies that work in this space have been moving quickly to be ready for the day they can ship tests to consumers at home.”

(3/19/20) CVS opens first coronavirus parking lot model testing site in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts: learn more here. According to CVS, “Testing will initially focus on a critical population: first responders and health care workers.”

Updates: U.S. government’s efforts around COVID-19 testing

  • March 21, 2020: In a press briefing on Saturday, the White House emphasized the importance of providing testing for health care workers on the frontlines. According to Admiral Giroir, Assistant Secretary for Health, “Although testing is becoming more available...there are priorities for testing. And clearly, everyone across the country should understand that those hospitalized or in an ICU are our priority for testing: symptomatic health care workers, for obvious reasons, we want to make sure...their health is preserved and that they are not going to spread to those who may be seriously ill.” (Related: Why frontline health care workers need COVID-19 tests)
  • March 18, 2020: President Trump signs coronavirus relief legislation into law that includes provisions for COVID-19 testing for those who need it but cannot pay. (Learn more)

A look at the numbers: COVID-19 cases and testing in the United States

States Reporting Cases of COVID-19 to CDC (source: CDC)

COVID-19 cases in the United States

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