Everlywell COVID-19 DTC PCR Test

Everlywell COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit DTC now available to asymptomatic individuals

With COVID-19 continuing to impact communities nationwide in 2021, access to easy and affordable COVID-19 testing options is important to the health and safety of everyone.

Everlywell is proud to announce that we are one of the first at-home collection test providers to receive an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to test asymptomatic individuals for a COVID-19 infection without a doctor’s prescription.

What does this mean for Everlywell customers?

We’ve expanded access to COVID-19 testing! You can now proactively test for a SARS-CoV-2 infection with our COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit DTC without having to complete an eligibility screener to confirm symptoms or exposure.

This also means you are now able to purchase multiple collection kits at once. So, whether you have been recently exposed to COVID-19, are experiencing symptoms, or just want to have peace of mind should you need to head back to work or travel, you can cover ongoing testing needs for yourself and your loved ones.

What has changed?

Previously, our COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit customers could only purchase one test at a time after completing a screener to assess whether they were experiencing symptoms or had been exposed to someone infected with COVID-19. That screener has been lifted and we can now offer our COVID-19 Home Test Collection Kit DTC to anyone interested in checking for SARS-CoV-19, even those not experiencing symptoms.

Here’s why this is a huge deal for residents of all 50 states:

Since March 2020, we’ve had continued support from the FDA to bring a fast and actionable rt-PCR testing option (which is considered the gold standard of COVID-19 testing) to the place you need it most: the safety of your home. Our COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit DTC allows you to easily collect your sample at home (or anywhere else you need it) by gently swabbing your lower nostril, and sending it to our lab for testing using your prepaid mailer. Your results are sent to your device within 24-48 hours of the lab receiving your sample to inform you if you’re infected with SARS-CoV-2.

Who can buy the COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit DTC?

With our newly announced expansion, adults over the age of 18 in all 50 states can now purchase the Everlywell COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kits DTC at any time. Whether you’ve been exposed to someone who has been infected with COVID-19, you’re currently experiencing symptoms, or you just want to prepare for the next time you need to get tested, our at-home collection kit is a good option for these scenarios.

Does the COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit DTC detect the new variants?

To date, the FDA has not observed evidence to suggest the sensitivity of the COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit DTC is impacted by known circulating variants.

Our partner labs continue to take proactive actions to confirm the existing tests are robust to detect known new variants.

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