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Keep an eye on your STI status all year

Members earn a monthly credit towards Everlywell STI testing and treatment options and the rest of our Everlywell+ test menu. Enjoy up to 57% off regular prices, and get members-only benefits—all for just $39/month. Whether you're staying informed about your sexual health or monitoring progress towards other health goals, Everlywell+ makes prioritizing your well-being simple.

Explore Add-On Virtual Care Visits

Fast, easy telehealth visits

Take advantage of your members-only 20% discount on cash-pay telehealth services! Consulting with a licensed healthcare provider can be a helpful tool as you uncover more information each month.

  • Get a better understanding of your test results or address symptoms during your secure 1:1 video call with a licensed, board-certified nurse practitioner.
  • Your provider will ask questions to learn about your symptoms, health concerns, and goals.
  • They will work with you to create an actionable, personalized care plan that may include lab testing, one-time prescriptions, and lifestyle recommendations.
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