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Food Sensitivity and You

EverlyWell’s mission from the beginning has been to help improve health by providing convenient, at-home collection by consumers for lab tests. We make tests that are already available and proven easier to access. Every single customer lab test is individually physician-ordered and reviewed, and the samples are processed by a CLIA-certified lab.

The marker (IgG) measured by our food sensitivity test is the same test panel ordered by thousands of doctors in the U.S. for food sensitivity testing. IgG testing has been available for over a decade, and we make it easier for customers to get access to IgG testing with physician approval.

At EverlyWell, everything we do is focused on the customer first. Our goal is to empower you to easily and affordably gain access to information that may improve your health and your life. Our Food Sensitivity test has been used by tens of thousands of customers to learn about their IgG reactivity levels for specific foods. These customers are searching for answers to whether any foods – and, if so which ones – might be contributing to symptoms like gastrointestinal issues or migraines.

There are multiple studies, linked below, that suggest the removal of high IgG reactivity foods from the diet corresponds to reduced symptoms (1-9). There are also studies that critics point to as evidence that IgG testing isn’t useful (10-16). Some of those studies are focused on whether IgG testing helps diagnose food allergies, which isn’t how you should use our Food Sensitivity test. The Food Sensitivity test is not an allergy test.

So, what is it? The Food Sensitivity test measures your body’s IgG immune response to 96 foods that are commonly found in western diets. Thousands of people have used our test to guide them in the right direction to put together elimination diets to improve physical symptoms like stomach pain and fatigue. Over 80% of our customers that review the product leave this test a 4-star review or higher, and we receive life-changing testimonials daily from customers. We wanted to share a few testimonials with you that inspire us on a daily basis to continue doing what we do.

“After doing an elimination diet and visiting a urologist, a pelvic floor therapist, and rheumatologist, and getting ultrasounds and MRIs, I still couldn’t figure out why I had chronic bladder pain. So I took the EverlyWell Food Sensitivity test and decided to try eliminating Almonds (one of my top 3 most reactive foods.) After 2 weeks, I could already tell a difference, and now 4 months later, my bladder pain is completely gone. I’m so grateful for this test. It was easy to take and submit, and my results came back quickly. Thank you, EverlyWell!” —Customer from Austin, TX

“For several years I knew I was gluten sensitive and I eliminated it from my diet. For over a month now I’ve had a severe headache. I had a CT scan, MRI, physical therapy and acupuncture. Nothing changed it. I saw an ad for Everlywell and immediately sent away for the food sensitivity test. I received my results yesterday! I faxed it to my doctor and she immediately sent me a referral to an allergist! Be proactive with your health! You might be surprised that the food you eat is making you ill!” – Customer from North Lauderdale, FL

“I have been having episodes of abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting for very long time. A physician recently recommended that I go on a gluten free & dairy free diet, and I have been feeling much better since. I had been wondering if I was truly sensitive to a type of food for a few months now and this food sensitivity test was spot on to my physician’s assumption. I feel great.” – Customer from Laredo, TX

“This was amazing. Fast, economical and easy to understand. I did the food sensitivity test. My husband just did a similar test at a local doctor’s office and paid 10x as much. Plus — my results were much easier to read.” – Customer from Greenwich, CT

“I’ve struggled for years with trying to afford food sensitivity tests at my doctor. I was delighted to find an IgG test at such an affordable price. If you have wondered if you have food sensitivities, take this test. They have a great interface with a lot of information about each sensitivity.” – Customer from Atlanta, GA

“I suffered through numerous test to try and find the cause of my gastrointestinal problems. I was continually pointed in the direction of medications that treat the problem, but not fix it or give me an answer to why it was happening. This went on for at least 2 years. This test with its results gave me a map to follow to fixing my problem and now I can honestly say I am 95% with out any re occurring issues! Thank You!” -Customer from Honolulu, HI

“I’ve been seeing doctors and dermatologists for years about some symptoms I’ve been having that seem food related, but no one could help me. I ordered the Everlywell test and was very impressed at how quickly it arrived, how well everything was packaged, and how concise and clear the instructions were. I sent everything off and my results were available within days and they told me that I had some moderate sensitivity to dairy products. So I’ve been keeping clear of dairy for a few weeks now and my symptoms are nearly completely gone, which is a huge relief after years of taking antihistamines in ever increasing doses.” – Customer from San Francisco, CA

“I was coughing incredibly bad for years like a smoker, though not a smoker. The doctor’s diagnosed me with asthma and prescribed medicine(s). I tried eliminating certain foods that seemed obvious to create allergies: peanuts & milk. The cough persisted. My wife asked me to take the Everlywell test and the results were amazing. Yes, peanuts and milk were part of the problem, but the issue was much broader than two items. After removing the very high & moderate reactivity foods from my life, I no longer have asthma. My breathing is normal, unless I introduce one of the very high reactivity foods back into my diet. Huge thank you to my wife and Everlywell for figuring out the decade long issue.” -Customer from Beaverton, OR

“I am floored at my results!!! I can’t tell you how long I have been suffering with health issues with no answers.. Doctor are great but convincing them there is a problem when you don’t know what the problem is, is exhausting… All this time the one thing I have been eating is the one thing that I should never eat!! Bottom line I am making permanent changes to my diet.. thank you for giving me the control to choose how and when I can test me!” -Customer from Chicago, IL

EverlyWell will continue to revolutionize access to lab testing, and will soon launch a new research initiative to further our collective knowledge of food sensitivity. Because we are over 50,000 customers strong across the EverlyWell platform, we will invite consenting customers to participate in what we expect will be the largest research study ever conducted on IgG testing.

As always, we are an open line for you to reach out to us and discuss any one of our tests. Here’s to continuing to take control.

-Julia Cheek, EverlyWell CEO & Founder

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