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Identify more health risks within your employee population with convenient at-home lab tests that facilitate earlier intervention and result in better health outcomes.

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We empower your employees

Increase screening rates by allowing employees to to take control of their health. Empower them to complete lab tests from the comfort of home.

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Convenient screening

Convenient Screening

A more effective alternative to on-site screenings

Simple sample collection

Simple Collection

Easy-to-follow instructions for a simple testing experience

Broad Coverage

Broad Coverage

Test options to proactively detect high-cost conditions

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Intuitive integration with existing wellness portals

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We know your population

With best practices refined by our broad consumer population, we’re built to engage each member of your community at scale.

  • Communication channels that fit your population preferences
  • Cohort analysis and optimized outreach to improve screening rates for the least engaged participants
  • Target the hard-to-reach populations to detect more disease states to lower your healthcare spend
  • Demonstrated 2x increase in patient compliance compared to competitors
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Let us do the heavy lifting

We offer end-to-end program management with insights and recommendations to improve screening rates and minimize your operational burdens.

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  • Sophisticated program dashboards with insights down to the employee level
  • Dedicated team to handle program management
  • Best-in-industry employee satisfaction and user experience, including time to ship, test, and result
  • Customized workflows, communications, and participant portals to guide participant next steps
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Simply choose a test, wait for it to arrive in the mail, follow the instructions and check out the results. It’s that easy. Everything you need for sterile collection is within the kit, and the customer service support team is available if you have questions."

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Its online platform is a much easier, faster, and more affordable alternative to those frustrated by the traditional lab testing process. There’s also complete price transparency, which has been sorely lacking in the mainstream healthcare sector."

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CEO and Founder

Josh Stanley


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Chief Compliance Officer

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Chief Marketing Officer

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Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Frank Ong, MD, CPI, CCRP

Chief Medical and Scientific Officer

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