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The Give More Gift Guide

This holiday season, we’re making it easy to give more. Because after the last two years, we know that this holiday season is about celebrating and appreciating what really matters with gifts that are anything but ordinary.

With over 30 mail-in collection tests, Everlywell gives your loved ones the ability to take control of their health and wellness with actionable insights that give clarity. Give confidence. Give comfort. Give the joy of well-being and so much more!

We’ve curated customized gift guides to help you find a thoughtful, unique gift for everyone on your list.

And if you’re thinking maybe it’s time to give yourself more this time of year, start adding to cart (with big savings!) or drop a not-so-subtle hint by sharing this gift guide with anyone who might have you on their list.

The season to give more begins now!

Gifts she’ll appreciate

"she'll appercaite"

Give more to the ones at the center of our lives.

Women’s Health Test Measures 11 biomarkers to provide insight into whether key hormones are balanced, which may cause symptoms that affect how she feels every day.

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Thyroid Test Measures three main thyroid hormones and thyroid peroxidase antibodies that impact many functions in her body that can affect her mood, weight, energy, and more.

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Women's Fertility Test Measures hormones that support normal ovarian function needed for pregnancy, which can be a helpful first step in understanding a woman's reproductive and general health.

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Gifts he can count on

he can count on

Give more reasons to believe that being healthy matters.

Men’s Health Test Measures four hormones that can affect his mood, energy levels, and muscle mass. Together, they can offer greater insight into his overall health.

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Testosterone Test Measures his testosterone level to see if it’s normal, low, or high. Levels outside of a normal range may contribute to a range of symptoms that should be discussed with a healthcare provider.

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Top self-care gifts

selt care

Give yourself more ways to take care of you.

Metabolism Test Measures hormones that can impact your weight and energy, so you can work with your healthcare provider to feel good from the inside out.

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Sleep & Stress Test Measures hormones that may be affecting your ability to get a restful night's sleep.

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FIT Colon Cancer Screening If you are 45 or older, annual FIT testing is recommended. This test, which screens for the presence of blood in stool, can help detect colon cancer in earlier stages when it is more easily treated.*

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Gifts everyone will love

for everyone

Give more life-changing moments.

Food Sensitivity Test Measures IgG reactivity to 96 foods to help them take a first step to better understanding their uncomfortable symptoms in time for holiday feasts.

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Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test Measures reactivity to 40 common indoor and outdoor allergens to help them better prepare for the allergy seasons ahead.

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Vitamin D & Inflammation Test Measures hs-CRP levels and vitamin D levels, which can affect your bone formation, immune function, and more.

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Gift Card Sometimes the greatest gift is letting someone decide what’s best for their own health and wellness.

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What people are saying

Food Sensitivity Test

"I would buy this product again. I have always had issues with GI distress and was curious as to what was causing my symptoms. This was the first step towards solving my problems."

"Great summary and fast results. I am using the results to help me make better choices with my diet with regard to food sensitivity."

Thyroid Test

"This is my 3rd thyroid test and I'd be lost without these tests. I found out My TSH was high and I've been on thyroid meds now for 2 months, then my test came back normal for the first time in 3 years!! Now my doctor is tweaking my meds because this latest test came back a little low. These tests save me so much money and they are easy to do yourself!"

"So easy! I was worried about my thyroid and wanted an easier way to check it than to jump through the hoops of my health insurance. Everlywell testing was so quick and easy!"

"Insightful test results. Thanks to taking the thyroid test, I recently discovered that I may be suffering from Hypothyroidism. I can take these results with me to my physician for my annual physical and make a treatment plan."

Men’s Health Test

"Solidified concerns and informed me I knew some things were a little off, but was looking for more information. The test informed me of things I needed to look at as well as recommendations of what I should and could do to help my body out."

"This test finally gave me some peace of mind! I'm 25 and figured my hormones should be fine, but I always had a lingering thought that maybe they might not be. I didn't want to wait years before taking a test, only to find out my hormones were out of whack and I was living with it for all that time. If you've never had a test like this done before, I highly recommend it, simply for the peace of mind and to have a baseline level in case you get tested again in the future."


The FIT Colon Cancer Screening is not a replacement for a colonoscopy. The test is designed to show if blood is detected in your stool, which may be associated with colorectal polyps and cancers. False positive and false negative results may occur. Any positive result should be shared with your healthcare provider and followed up with a colonoscopy. Do not use this test if you have adenomas, inflammatory bowel disease, certain hereditary syndromes, or a personal family history of colorectal cancer. All tests are ordered and reviewed by an independent physician.

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